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New To Ret, dps is low. Any help is really appreciated.

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Hey everyone, 
So I've recently switched back to the old faithful pally, but instead of filling a Tanking or healing roll,my guild needs DPS.  I've been trying hard to fill that roll, and I'm coming up a little short. It's driving me crazy.  I read -everything- I can, and I still feel little progress in the right direction.
Here's my armory 

Right now , I'm at about 280-325k max single target.

Here's a guildie, and he;'s pretty consistently better than I am. 


is it all that haste? 

After reading the boards here, I know my  Ring of Collapsing futures is crap, and I am 2 talents away from my 35 point 5% increase.  While not at the bottom of the charts in H NH, I am low.   I realize item level , the 5% increase, Another CV artifact, and new rings are pretty clutch, but I'm desperate to get better to keep my raid spot. (I'm in a group of mostly ilvl 890+'s)

 So I had a few questions and any suggestions on top of these, I'd be appreciative of  : 

1. I feel my haste is too low to effectively use Zeal-  Is it a real dps loss? I feel at this point i should be trying for Crit/Vers.  Am i wrong?

2. is Eye of Command in NH not as effective as Might of Krosus, or Crystalline Scorpid, as it's heavy multi target?

3.  (I know this is going to sound silly..) But do you bother judging when swapping to an add or just burn it? I feel stuff dies so fast it just is a dps loss when I'm back on the boss.  

4.  I don't have a neck enchant because i have Prydaz in my bag, waiting a few more days to open my second Legendary slot.  Right now, between Prydaz, and the Armguards of Awe, which would you wear?

5. BOW or Hammer? 

Thanks for reading this, and if you respond, I really appreciate your time.

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Hey man its pretty hard to help you without a recent log but I will try anyway here is a link to my character:


from what I see your guildie tyrvan has 10 more ilvl average and legendary cloak which is very significant. your stats don't seem too bad but you'd be better off dropping some mastery I know because I have the same problem 

I would suggest using fire's of justice for pure single target but zeal is better on some fight's

eye of command is good if you use it properly the biggest problem is the add swap's but on krosus which I assume you need single target for the eye of command is much better than the skorpyron trinket

depending on the add I don't judge small adds like the scorpions but for big adds like star augur the last phase I do

I would say it's more preference you do have a very good neck piece so probably bracers

BOW for pure single target Hammer for 2+ 

hope this helps

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