5.4 Aoe (Gangname) Style

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I have done few test on Aoe with these following specifications:


- 3 Dummy targets.

- Prebuild War.

- BS + BB + RECK + Banner

- CoreFusion + Thok's trinkets

- Time test ( BS's time)

- 3 Differents test (SMF, TG, Arms)


So my own conclusion:


Trinket's proc is very RNG. (From 1,1% of overall DPS to 6,6%, but most of the time around 2%).


* First position: Arms of course is number 1 due to the up (60% on BS but only one weapon so not enough).

From 1.79 M overall DPS to 2,05 M


* Second position: TG

From 1.89 M overall DPS to 1,98 M


* Third position: SMF

From 1.55 M overall DPS to 1,85 M


So very RNG, anyway TG is not faraway behind. And, with the execution time, SMF will take back DPS. I think i will play TG on multi aoe fight. So probably, no need to play arm for 5.4. Anyway, the 2 yard stuff is too ... tiny.


So World's rank will depend on your luck proc on trinkets.


If some other war have done few test on it, I am interresting in their results.






Epu - EquinoXx




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