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Stats for BoS spec

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I'm not a frost player, but i do know that haste is pretty highly valued, and if i was playing frost i'd be aiming for roughly 10k, the rest of the stats are pretty even to my knowledge.

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There are definitely breakpoints to aim for with regard to haste, most notable are: +1 extra hit during Obliteration and carrying 10 stacks of Gathering Storm into a new application of Remorseless Winter.

The latter is one I'm focused on heavily right now to find a sweet spot and is also influenced highly by our ability to spend runes collected via cooldowns and procs.

I find that during a lust/warp phase that I can carry this stack to it's new cast fairly easily but I'm not yet sure of an optimum haste value as yet,

The other factor is mastery/crit for what is increasingly becoming the major damage ability; Howling Blast.

With Rime crit procs, I find now that I can do 30%+ of my damage purely from this ability, which is huge.

Yet the biggest bonus to it's damage comes from mastery and Rime crits being unaffected by Killing Machine mean the value of crit increases the more the balance shifts towards it (with Tier19 x 2 this is even more pronounced as you'll be getting Rime from at least every two Obliterates).

Mastery/Crit is also a big factor for BoS as again this is unaffected by Killing Machine.

You find now that most of the top players are high mastery but there are exceptions who have high haste and crit.

Basically, you will be fine provided you get the softcaps first, C:25%, H:20%. Any stats above those figures are not wasted and certainly the penalty for stacking any of them is now much less with the changes to where the majority of damage comes from in the BoS builds.

I personally think haste is a safe option but mastery is possibly the way you want to lean.

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