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[Ret] Performance problem after nerf

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Hey guys,
After Crusade/Secondary Stats nerfs my performance is on a constantly fall of production. I really tried other ways to improve it, like sim myself but having trouble with that to since I'm not familiar to SimCraft. 
To begin with, here is my Armory

Here is a log of Ursoc myt
I really don't know what path follow to improve my damage output. About rotations, usually I always keep with Divine Hammer and Zeal to gather as much HP as I can and always try to use TV or DS when Judgment debuff is active.

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Well without looking too much into your armory or logs I can tell you right now your talent choice is most likely wrong for Mythic Ursoc, especially with your goal of high HP generation.  Unfortunately as Ret's we need to talent swap for just about every encounter (as a lot of other spec's do as well) to maximize our output, most specifically our tier 1,2, & 4 talents.

Flat out, single target spec should be;

Tier 1: ES (or FV if your using the leg. cloak)

Tier 2: tFoJ

Tier 4: BoW


Those 3 talents allow for the highest possible HP generation via lower CS CD, procing reduced HP consumption, and proc resets of BoJ) as well as maximizing single target damage via ES.  Personally I don't think your losing too much DPS running FV as a baseline talent, especially if the encounter involves hard swaps where ES burst is either not available from CD or the target will die / immune during it's duration OR the encounter could call for DS casts.  And it's definitely the better choose with the leg. cloak in single target applications as well.

Even on mythic, Ursoc is essentially a single target encounter.  1 additional target isn't worth taking Greater Judgement, Consecration, or Divine Hammer for, and the very limited up time of that 1 additional add on Ursoc isn't worth taking Zeal over TFOJ.  Depending on your raid comp and damage output it may be up for longer than it should be, and in that case you could then consider zeal.

On a personal note too, I don't believe it's worth casting Divine Storm in this encounter either.  Every Sim I've run for myself still favors TV over DS w/ >3 targets, but I'm sure some could argue otherwise.

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