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MW Monk low healing throughput

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So I'm relatively green (< 3 weeks total /played), and joined a guild some of my friends started. They want to do Mythic raiding progression and I was recruited to heal. My issue is that I have low healing throughput relative to the other healers even though I'm geared comparably (within 10 ilvls). For example,  on Normal Grand Magtistrix Elisande our Resto Druid pulled 188M, Holy Pally 158M, and I pulled 114M. 

When I pull out all the stops and cast Essence Font as often as applicable and Vivify at every opportunity (while still keeping RM on cooldown), I still underperform even though I'm burning through my mana. Guild is threatening to bench me if I don't improve my numbers, but I can't figure out where I'm going wrong. 

Any and all help appreciated.

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Get ride of Zen Pulse you have it skilled and don't even use it plus Chi Burst is better like 99% of the time, try and use Essence Font more. you gear has alot of haste on it also. try get gear with crit/masty or crit/vers. Looks like you channel Soothing Mists alot, even with Unison it's still not great to just sit there and channel it. Running with a druid and pallie you shouldnt have to tank heal to much. 

Thats my two cents anyways, hope it helps

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Hey op...MW here, been running my monk as a healer since BRF, while im not a top parsing monk, I have some 98th/99th percentile parses. I like to think im pretty ok. What I will outline is not to make you feel bad...but to alert you, ok?

So, first things first....youre a new player, let that sink in as well. I have been playing wow for 6 years now, and even with that, I still feel like the new guy. At 3 weeks...understand that even if you think you are nailing it...there are things you will inevitably be missing. It may not seem apparent at first....but looking back a year from now, you will see it. When I started, I used the default UI and saw no issues with that. Now? I make extensive use of weak auras, which is an addon (i dont know how much experience you have with game addons). I track not only my spell abilities, but also other healer cooldowns, boss debuffs etc. What weakauras can do is create a visual for when your abilities are ready to use, about to be ready, or when they are not ready. This is helpful when a raid/dungeon gets hectic and our attention is focused elsewhere. I would like to say if interested, I would be more then willing to share my weak aura strings with you. If this all sounds crazy, dont be afraid to ask questions in this thread.


So...your logs you linked...I looked into fight length vs what you were doing. I want to point out some glaring issues...take this as a learning opportunity, I am not trying to drag you through the mud.

Scorpy:  You used revival once, but it overhealed quite a bit.  You never used life cocoon (could have used it twice), you never used chi-ji. Never used mana tea, you could have used this 3 times! (when you mentioned you are oom a lot, this is a way to prevent blowing through your mana SUPER fast, remember, it reduces the cost of your spells by 50%) You could have used thunder focus tea 8 times, you used it once. 1 out of 8. This spell is on a 30 second cd...which can give you a free vivify or 2 ReMs. zen pulse, which you chose to have as a talent....you could have used 15 times...you used it 0 times, which is a free heal.

So, what am I getting at with this? Your throughput is incredibly gimped as you are not using your tool kit in the encounter.

Revival is a great big heal in one global cool down (gcd), which you didnt utilitze well. about 30% of your revival overhealed, which means people didnt need the healing, and you reduced your effective healing.

Life cocoon - while not the best option for a tank external cooldown...it is greatly helpful. (i dont know where you are in your traits, so thats a factor). I looked at my logs and the last cocoon i threw out did 1.81 mil healing. its a damage absorb, and applies enveloping mist/renewing mist.

chi-ji - Granted, my ilvl, and yours is different, but I casted chi ji on this fight and it did 6.06m healing.

Mana Tea - with my current haste, I can crank out 4 essence fonts in its duration. Which means I could channel 12 EFs, for the same mana for 6 of yours.

Thunder focus tea...you could have had 7 more FREE vivifys thats 346,500 mana you spent you could have saved. Or 7 renewing mists you missed out on. (most will say to use TfT on vivs > renewing mist).

Zen Pulse - this is hard to say how much free healing you could have done...as it cleaves and crit is a factor...but you missed out on a lot of free heals here.


Other missed opportunities -

Celestial Breath - this is the frontal cone heal that happens when you use thunder focus tea - you did 91k healing with it (remember you missed 7 uses of tft) I did 5.7 mil healing with it (this is also free, as it procs when you use tft).

Uplifting Trance procs - you let 3 slip by (this is increases vivs heal by 40%) - this ones more tricky, some times you can choose to not spend the mana, prevent over heal...and that proc can slip through your fingers.

Sheiluns Gift - your artifact weapon heal -  you didnt use it once. This is also a free mana heal.


So, this is one fight....but I hope I have illustrated how much free or effective healing you let slip through. These are things that we as wow players learn to manage over time...and for a lot of players, weak auras assist with reminding us to use that proc, that renewing mist...that cd....while we are dodging fire, side stepping poison and handling all of the encounter mechanics.


I hope this gave you a little insight - if you have any questions, ask away.




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