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4 parts of set

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Well i got 4 part of set but when i equip tchem my mastery stat drastically run low. Shold i keep 4 parts(3 of tchem 875 1 880) of set for bonus on myself or just equip "normal(cape 890)," mastery/crit items( with higher item lvl ? Also You sugest to use "Tempest of the heaven" and "Foci" as trinkets (have both of tchem) but again to equip "Foci(875)" i lose over 1k mastery from "fury of the burning sky(890)". It confuse me alot and dunno what i should do to maximaze my potential . So currently im 898 on paper and 886equip(4 parts of set) or 888("normal" gear) Marksmanship.


Sorry for mistakes my English is not very well hope you understandt what i wanted to tell you .

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Run your own simulations, but from my own experience you'd be better off with 4pc and swapping your trinket if the guide recommends it. They're just general sims and not so much character specific but a good base to go from. 

As a BM hunter I lost 2k mastery swapping out trinkets and getting 4pc but my dps is over 100k higher. 

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