Can you please help me improve my dps [elemental]?

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Hello I just finish NH N 9/10 raid and I feel like my dps is lacking a lot, so can someone tell me what am I doing wrong. Any suggestions will be appreciated. 

Here are my logs:

And armory:

I try to use the rotation suggested on the guide here but I make mistakes for sure, I recently switched form enhancement and it is still strange for me  to play caster at the moment. Thank you in advance! 

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Firstly, the build you're using is one that should only be used if you have the legendary belt that buffs lava burst damage.

Imo the best build without legendaries right now is probably lightening rod but cause you have the ring you should definitely be running icefury with totem mastery for your single target fights.

Also switch to lightening rod and maybe even magma totem for those first fights (skorp and anomaly) plus the other more aoe heavy fights if you want bigger numbers. But for maximum ST damage you'll want icefury for sure, making sure your crit and mastery are nice and high.

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