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Nighthold M Progress Day 9: A Race Back to Gul'dan

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Gul'dan has made it to reset No.2 and the guilds were racing to get back to him ASAP. Serenity also released their Star Augur WF kill video.

The above image is slightly misleading for the Mythic version of the Gul'dan fight, considering Illidan is rumored to be awakened too early, as Sargeras still holds control of his soul, and proceeds to attack the raid, but it's still best one I could find and I love it, sue me.

Back to the actual race though, we and, much more importantly, Gul'dan, have entered the second reset! The first Legion endboss to do so, he now has three EU guilds at his door and it remains to be seen how many days (or hours?) he has left to live. Method had caught up to Serenity and Exorsus on the previous day, but only got around two and a half hours to try him before the servers reset. It took them around an hour longer to get the kill than Serenity (in absolute time between Augur and Elisande, we don't know how much of that time each guilds actually spent raiding), with Exorsus having been even faster than Serenity by 40 minutes. 

Day 9, however, was all re-clears and heroic splits, as all the guilds continued the tradition of never ever extending a lockout, since the additional gear is so much more valuable than some more time on the final boss. It was actually Method that got back to Gul'dan first, getting some much needed extra time on him to make up for the fact they are a full day behind Serenity in Gul'dan attempts. They made it back to 9/10 around 8 PM CET, with Serenity getting there 30 minutes later, so not that big of an advantage. Exorsus spent a lot of time on heroic split raids, as they stopped at 7/10 for a long time, only getting back to downing Elisande after 10 PM. Outside the top 3, not much happened, with From Scratch also returning to where they left off last reset, on 8/10 and trying to down Elisande.

We also got a special treat, as Serenity released their Star Augur World First video, and Method's World third wasn't far behind either.

The Asia servers are also getting their reset very soon, so we are in rest No.2 by all definitions, and it seems very likely Gul'dan, and with him the race, will end this week. If Serenity do carry their pretty big current lead to the end and win this thing, we'll have had 3 different guilds winning 3 different raids in a row in Legion, with Exorsus having taken EN and Method ToV, which would make Tomb of Sargeras that much more exciting.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. We still don't even know if any of them have reached Gul'dan's Mythic only phase yet, let alone if they have a handle on how to execute it, or if these two resets' worth of gear are enough to meet the (presumably) pretty steep DPS requirements. In any case, we'll definitely do a separate post once the World First gets here, but meanwhile you can follow the race live over at Method.gg.

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Good god, Serenity actually 2 healed Augur AND ignored the Thing that Should Not Be.  That's just kinda ridiculous.

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18 minutes ago, Orthios said:

Good god, Serenity actually 2 healed Augur AND ignored the Thing that Should Not Be.  That's just kinda ridiculous.

That's why they raid 7 days a week and for multiple hours a day I guess. :-)

Not my idea of enjoying a game.

Fair play to them but you must have no life whatsoever beyond the game. Impossible.

I love WoW and did my fair share of raiding up to semi-hardcore during WotlK, raiding 4 days a week in the evenings.

That was fun for 6-7 months but even that was taking it's toll.

How people can raid nearly 24/7 is beyond my comprehension.

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1 hour ago, IrishDreamer said:

How people can raid nearly 24/7 is beyond my comprehension.

Well, as you said people have multiple ways of enjoying the game. 

And most of those guilds greatly reduce their raiding hours once they clean the raid in Mythic, the race is to get the first, after that they have plenty of time to gear up for the next race. 

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Well, on average, these top Guilds that raid 7 days / week spend less time raiding than Guilds who raid, say 3-4 night / week for 3-4 hours / night. These top Guilds clear it in 1-2 weeks and then they are done, it goes to farm and the re-clear it in 2-3 raid days, after that the following farm is usually cleared in just a few hours so the 4 hours / night, 4 nights / week adds up over months and months of raiding, whereas they are raiding for 1-2 hours / week for 6 months, and 7 days / week for 2 weeks. :) 

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