rotation/bullds for MM hunters with Legendary Belt

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so what are people with the Legendary belt now doing for their rotation/builds to take advantage of the belts ability now that sidewinders rotation has been nerfed....

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Trick shot usually is your best choice over piercing for the last tier with the belt.  Also worth noting that with the belt the "meme" build isn't a good choice.


Explosive Shot for add intensive fights (Skorp, chronomatic, aluriel, tich, bot, magistrix, MAYBE guldan depending), Patient Sniper on ST.

Lock N Load on the aoe fights above ^^, True aim on single target.  Probably worth taking LNL on Krosus or heavy movement ST fights as well depending on how comfortable you are with the new MM rotation, or depending on if you have the legendary gloves or not.

Volley on aoe fights above ^^,  AMoC on ST.

For the last tier, I think the only fights that trick shot is inferior to Piercing shot would be Tich and maybe magistrix but they can probably be played pretty interchangeably; just depends on your playstyle and how you do the fights.


This was typed on the fly on my phone so if there's anything wrong don't patronize me :P


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