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Ra-den Guide

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Since there isn't one up, here's what worked for us for our first and subsequent kills.  Average guild Ilvl when first killing him: 534



10 man, but the fight is unchanged for 25 man. Fight is largely a joke if you can down Heroic Lei Shen. First time up, we spent about 45 minutes going over the fight carefully explaining everything knowing we had 30 attempts. It took us 3. Also, this is largely dependent on what kind of tank you have. While Warriors, Druids, and DKs CAN do the fight, the fight is largely trivialized by a Protection Paladin or Brewmaster Monk. We use a BM Monk and he does 350k+ DPS and 150k+ HPS. It's rather silly. If you tank it without a Monk, tanks will need to very carefully monitor Fatal Strike. There are some weakauras that show his timer, but his timer is inconsistent making planning for it difficult.

Phase 1: 100%-40%
3 things to worry about

1) Unstable Vita
2) Crackling add
3) Essence of Anima

For Unstable Vita, you simply need someone calling out who goes where. You'll pull Ra-den to the middle of the room and everyone will be clumped up right underneath of him. You'll set two markers 45 degrees from his ass on both directions so that people will run diagonally away from him to a marker. Someone randomly will get Unstable Vita. UV works where it gets passed to the person farthest from them. As soon as someone gets picked, they need to run to one of the markers. Someone else will need to run to the other marker to be the receiver for Unstable Vita. The original UV person will run into the stacked group while someone else will take his or her place. He or she will then receive UV and so on. The important part of this mechanic is to make sure the tank is never farther away than the two people exchanging Vita. If you have UV and you receive it, you die. Also, anyone in the path of the UV exchange will take an assload of damage. This shouldn't happen unless the UV exchange gets messed up. All UV sensitivity debuffs (debuff you get when you've had UV) will reset when the Essences (blue + red balls) hit Ra-den.

For the Crackling add, it'll spawn somewhere, and it needs DPS'd down. Stunning it is a good idea because it hurts. When it gets around 20%, it needs stunned, knocked away from the group, and then finished. When it dies, it does an AoE explosion that really hurts. Good knockbacks = Typhoon, Thunderstorm, Carrion Swarm.

On a set period of time, he will do an ability called Materials of Creation. He'll summon a blue ball and a red ball matrix style in random parts of the room. Ranged DPS MUST start attacking the red ball (called Essence of Anima) as soon as it appears. The ballls will travel towards Ra-den with some moderate speed and cannot be slowed, stunned, or knocked back. When the red ball is killed, the blue ball disappears. If the red ball is not killed, you will suffer a VERY high amount of raid-wide damage. It's livable, but not without pre-planned CDs. The trick here is to let a couple of the balls hit, but not all. You should kill the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd red balls. You'll let the 4th hit, but you don't want to just hold Ra-den in the middle and let the balls hit because they'll hit simultaneously. Physically move Ra-den towards the red ball so that hits and the blue one despawns. Plan for a moderate raid CD (Devotion Aura, Barrier, etc.) and everyone's Vita Sensitivity debuff will fade. Kill the 5th and 6th, then let the 7th hit. This should put you around the 40% mark on the boss's health. If you switch to a red ball and fail to kill it, say the 2nd one, all won't be lost if healers can get people back up. You'll just kill the 3rd, 4th, and 5th one and let the 6th hit. Try not to let this happen, and put an emphasis on burst specs (Arcane, Destruction, etc).

At 40%, Ra-den quits summoning Crackling adds and the Materials of Creation and starts doing a raid-wide ability called Ruin in intervals that will always do the same amount of damage augmented by the number of balls he consumes in P1 and P2. While this damage hurts, with a 25 man, you'll have enough rotating CDs to be fine. Before gear wasn't an issue, you had to kill certain balls in P2 and whatnot, but since our first kill, we neglected all balls in P2, popped Bloodlust, and burned him. He will heal for a very small amount when consuming a blue ball and gain a 5% damage buff when he consumes a red ball (may have those backwards, but it's largely irrelevant). Be prepared if you let the 7th Materials of Creation hit causing raid damage and the boss hits 40% at the same time. People will be low, and Ruin will finish them off. Prepare for this burst of damage. You win when he hits 5%. He will drop lots of cloaks you won't need.
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Here are some pictures to go along with Zagam's guide.






That's pretty much phase 1 from 100-40%. The hardest part for our group was the tank learning how to stay alive. I will fully admit I can't tank this fight as a DK, the auto kill mechanic is way to glitchy with blood shields. At the time we first started working on Ra-den there were about 600 kills, and only 50 of them used a DK tank. Even our Paladin had a lot of trouble timing his ability correctly because sometimes the boss hits 100 energy but doesn't use his ability right away. and Paladins only have a 3 second window to survive the attack.


If you get into phase 2 clean it's a kill. Our healers didn't have any issues keeping the group alive with the occasional raid CD if we were dipping low. and with our average dps in the 150-200k range we didn't even need to break the red/purplish balls to stop him from healing. we just let them hit and were easily able to finish him off.


1.) Set Vita stack points

2.) Set up a rotation for Vita soakers, but be ready to make changes on the fly

3.) Tank needs to learn how to use his/her CD correctly to not get auto killed

4.) Drop what you're doing and kill the red orbs ASAP. (letting # 4 and 7 hit)

5.) Drop what you're doign and kill the crackling protectors (Stuns are helpful)

6.) Survive phase 2



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 You win when he hits 5%. He will drop lots of cloaks you won't need.


I totally missed this in your guide the first time I read it. It's so true though. On our first kill I got a 541 cloak for my offspec, and I coin rolled loot and got another cloak that I de'd. There's nothing more frustrating than getting 2 pieces of thunderforged loot from the same boss, and not needing either one.

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We've killed him 7 times.  10 cloaks, 1 ring (went to Mage), 3 pieces of Holy Paladin stuff (no Holy Paladin in our group).  6 pieces of loot won with coins: Crit/Mastery boots for Disc Priest and 5 cloaks. 


Troll level: Vol'jin

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