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Plz help to pick a ranged class

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First thing first : sorry for my bad english, It's not my native language.

Recently I decided to switch from a melee to a ranged dps class and having played only melee classes since vanilla , I'm kinda confused over which class to pick.

About me : I only PvE. I like cool armor and weapon designs and an interesting gameplay is kinda mandatory or I'll get bored very quickly. 

I'm looking for a class who would perform fairly well in raids and Mythic.

Thank you very much for your input , it will be very appreciated.

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Personally for you I would recommend either a Mage or a Lock. Each one has 3 unique ranged specs to choose from and in general they all do very well. They each play very differently and have fun and sometimes challenging rotations. Warlocks have always had a spec in the top dps and have maintained that in this expansion as well. However, the feel of each lock spec is really unique compared to itself. Actually forget mage, I recommend trying out a warlock :D

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