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3 Easy Answers to Increase Frost Damage

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Looking for some experienced players to answer the following:


1. Do you use Howling Blast without a Rime proc? Damage from HB seems too low to use unless I have that 300% boost from Rime.

2. Do you try to extend Gathering Storm to 10 stacks every. single. time? Seems like I'm able to get GS to 10x most of the time but not every time.

3. When is the best time to frost strike? Seems like I'm always either saving runes for a good breath or hitting HB for that sweet Rime proc. There's rarely a time hitting FS feels like the right thing to do.

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Don't HB without rime unless you need to put frost fever up.

GS just go as far as you can with each cast, but don't set up any super special way to make sure you always get 10 or something.

FS when ever breathe isn't going, and you are going to go above 80 runic.

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