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MW looking for some advice & help

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Evening all,


Ive created a mock up of a MW on mr robot. This displays nearly all the gear i have and will have in the next week or 2 and I've been playing around with what gems and stats i should be striving for. I'm in a 10 man raid with a holy pala and disc priest healers for partners. We are only 9/12 normal but id like to make as much effort to help us progress further. 




Would you think its better i didn't strive for the extra haste break point of 9158 and instead go for roughly 6145 haste and 12k crit instead of pushing myself? I cant really say when is the best time to go for it tbh.


I have 7.5k mana on my normal monk and 7k crit and i don't run oom and no mana issues so i don't need to worry about dropping any points from there.


Look forward to your reply



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Its a little difficult to suggest what you should do with the link you provided.  Could you please give me your character armory?


basically you want to set the weights to this:



with your character and see its suggestions.

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