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Improving my Resto Druid HPS

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Hi fellow druids,

Since I think druid is the strongest heal class in the current patch, it may sound presumptous or arrogant to other heal classes, but well. my opinion and main reason I play heal druid. 

Why I opened the thread? I think my HPS are rather lacking in comparison to "top" logs, even though I am not that far away gear-wise (I know there are log pushers, but it can't be that the top bracket stops at 600-700k hps+ on certain fights and I'm at 400k).

Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/character/eredar/Ferl/advanced (I only got 3 legendaries, 2 of them equipped and the shoulders somewhere in the inventory because reasons).

Most Recent Skorpyron Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/CPGyT1kHxF24RpBL#fight=25&type=healing&source=10

UI: 58963f4e27274_RaidUI.thumb.png.36b757220771a5a888d78f950a66cca5.png

(this fight is an exception, because of the constant ticking dmg of hc ticho and the hots weren't that much in overheal)

It may be that I'm predicting raid damage wrong or something like that, but even when I predict it somewhat right, I would only get 1-2 ticks on my HoTs before the other heals (especially Pallies I think) top the group with a 1 second cast and the remaining time of my HOTs are going to the dreamland of overheals.

Do you have any idea on what I can improve on or tips to heal "correctly", because I think I waste mana because of the above reasons and when it's needed, I have nothing left.

I would appreciate any constructive opinion you have and thanks in advance


a somewhat good Resto Druid, but wants to get better

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I'm really sorry to disappoint you, but it looks like you are healing wrong focusing too much on the basic spells and ignoring the cooldowns.

I see that the fight was very damage intensive (all the healers had pretty low overhealing) but you found time to cast 39 dps spells. In the same time you used Ancient Mana and not Leytorrent that you should rather use if you had enough downtime without healing. You cast Innervate only once when you could do it 3 times.

You cast Tranq only once (could cast 3 times), 2 casts of CW of 12 possible, 3 Flourish of 6, 1 EoGH of 4.

If you don't want to cast CW on tanks because they already have Beacons, you should still use it on CD at any other people taking damage. Not using CW on CD is especially wrong in your case because you have the Legendary that extends HoTs on a target when using Swiftmend. So in the right scenario you had to cast CW+LB+Rejuw on target and then extend its duration with SM, and all this on CD.

Btw, you chose Guardian Affinity but didn't use Frenzied Regeneration even once - you didn't take any significant damage during the fight? Same with the healthstones - you run Mythic content so why HS when healing pot regens more HP (roughly 390K vs 550K)?

I think that all this adds up and makes you healing pretty low in numbers.

PS: your UI looks extremely clamped with all these bars and battle text in the middle. Do you really need to track all this data and if yes, why not to change to icons instead of bars and move them aside? Or you don't need an opinion on your UI and there was some other reason to post it?

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  • Mana-Management is in my opinion what I can improve the most on and your tips sound pretty good.
  • I mean if I use tranq, when monk is also casting revival (what I've noticed while tracking raid cooldowns) is pretty much "useless" I think, because it will also run into overheal and "waste" a CD. I'll think about it today on the next progress boss. 
  • I didn't notice that my CW usage was pretty low/wasted and thanks for noticing that (I'm still pretty new to the healing scene)
  • I'm "almost" ignoring the Guardian Affinity and use it for the passive 10% damage reduce, in some fights I noticed it's pretty useful (Illgynoth Progress when I had the void zones debuff), but that was my usage of the bear form. 
  • No, I want to get as much tips/opinions as possible, that's why I also posted my UI. I also think my UI is pretty clamped and need to refactor it to a more "simple" overview. 

Thanks for your feedback Pandacho!

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14 hours ago, draco95 said:
  • Mana-Management is in my opinion what I can improve the most on and your tips sound pretty good.
  • I mean if I use tranq, when monk is also casting revival (what I've noticed while tracking raid cooldowns) is pretty much "useless" I think, because it will also run into overheal and "waste" a CD. I'll think about it today on the next progress boss. 

Maintaining your major raid healing CDs is a part of a proper mana management rather than an "Oh, shit" button. Loosing 2 casts of Tranq, you loose 16 sec of high throughput without spending mana. Loosing 2 casts of Innervate, you loose 20 sec. of free mana casts as well. Same applies to not casting Swiftmend and Flourish to extend CW and WG duration. 10 lost SW+CW casts are 100 sec of lost CW duration, 3 Flourish could extend WG on 6 targets for another 18 sec.

TL;DR: using major CDs on cooldown is a very important part of the proper mana management.

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      Healing increased by 100% when not in a raid.

      I feel like its not necssary and are going to effect my healing in a bad way duh. (Nerfs normally do.) But as it is right now im far behind Mistweaver munks and every priest spec. 
      My Tranquility is my second higest if not the higest healing abillity i have (Thats what Details Tells me.) 

      And im unsure how the Autumn leaves changes is gonna effect me, wheter or not its for the better or worse.

      What do you guys think?

      This is my first post please no roast 👶
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