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Resto Shaman struggling massively since patch

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Hey everyone!


Back in EN and ToV, I used to be pretty much top in my guild in healing, and I had decent numbers when looking at percentiles too. After a short break, I came back to NH and essentially, I am now garbage. I tried looking at what specs the top resto shamans use, I tried switching out bits of gear but nothing I do has any impact. Did I just completely forget how to heal?


Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Fluffage/simple


Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/zy2tqnpWChHVwP3x


I can provide more logs from previous content as well if it is needed. Any help to spot what I'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Wish I could help...I am doing about the same HPS / healing percentage as you with an 886 ilevel.  I know I should be doing 360k+ instead of 250k - 300k.  It is really making me mad too.  I have always been in the top ranks of healers until this xpac.  No idea what I'm doing wrong either.

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I would definitely change Crashing Waves talent for Ancestral Guidance that has an excellent synergy with CBT.

I understand that you try to get maximum of your Legendary ring, casting 5 fast HW for a full buff of CH but frankly, I tried the same not once and found out that it's not worth bothering on the high damage fights because your throughput drops seriously without AG and CH spam in appropriate times.

I would consider trying a different play style with AG+CBT, charging it with CH spam. Resto shamans are raid wide healers and don't have mana issues in N and HC content, so there's no particular reason to focus this hard on single target heals.

I would try to switch to Earth Shield totem as well on high damage fights, it does a very decent mitigation.

You should try to cast HR on CD - with your Legendary it has to have 100% uptime, not as a healing spell but more as a passive buff to all your other heals. 

Try to use HTT more and find a proper position and time for a SLT.

One more thing: your Artifact is extremely low being only on 34 traits (you even didn't reach the 5% buff on 35), especially comparing to your other 2 healers with 54 and 43 traits. The priest heals by 15% more than you just because their Artifact has more traits, not considering anything else. 


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Just putting my 2 cents in as one that never uses chain heals at all. Sorry for super late reply and all ^^

First of all your legendary boots wants you to keep HR up 100% but doing so with a Chain Heal build can be quite mana heavy and I feel it's not the greatest legendary to use for that purpose. The Chain heal recieved a small nerf in the patch obviously and went from 400% power to 380%, while not significant, it's something you could still feel if chain heal is over 25% of your healing.

From your log you've only had 11 Healing streams which seems bit low but then again you don't have the 4set which incrase the usage.
Your Earthshield seem to be well used which is great, often overlooked, especially on Tichondrius where you can envelop carrion targets with it for massive absorb.
Next part is I'm not seeing Restorative Mists? Which means your artifact level is really low and would also heavily set you back in chain healing lacking the 10% extra crit and also the 5% healing from the passive after.

Direct improvements to make?
Change Torrents talent to Undulation.
You are spending a lot of time casting Healing Wave and not casting a lot of riptides compartively so you would gain much more from the Undulation procs.
Change Crashing waves to Ancestral Guidence.
The Crashing waves does work in some builds but not with Chain heal crit ones. You want to be spending at least 50% of your time single target healing this to be worth it and even then, as I'm a single target healer, it's still not better than AG as long as you use CBT.

In my experience I feel there are 2 good builds used for Resto Shaman at the moment and one of them is the classic you are doing, the Crit/Chain heal spam. It's fine, it's easy and you'll probably do more healing than most with it.

The other one is what I've been doing for a while and it involves throwing away the chain heal icon, not even on any of my hotbars.
I do single target healing with a lot of CDs instead having super charged CBT more often and micromanaging all the CDs more efficiently together with well times Undulation/Tidal wave procs. For me this is a lot more fun but definitly more demanding :)

Here is some logs from last night with it:

Best wishes on the journey to greatness! ^^

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