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Help Me Improve My Healing

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So, I have typically been a top level healer in previous expansions. This expansion, I just can't seem to get it right and I do not know why.  We are currently working thru Heroic Night Hold, and I know as a healer I need to step my game up to where it should be.

Here is a link to our last Normal Night Hold clear to Gul'dan.


Here is our last Heroic Night Hold


Here is my Armory profile as I was those nights


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First of all, you have a 5-man (M+) build, not a raid one.

General raid build is Torrent / Graceful Spirit / Lightning Surge / AG / EST or AV (depending on the amount of movement during a fight) / CBT / HT. This build may vary a bit in some fights, but it's nothing like one you are using.

Second, your Haste is somehow low. I'm not telling you to prioritize it, but 2000 could be easily added  cutting a bit from Crit and Mastery.

And the last one, your major CD usage is low. 1 cast of HTT and SLT in a 8 min fight, no casts on SLT at all in other fights and still only 1 cast of HTT. Even if your HTT is assigned, you can easily count 3 min back and/or forth and use it more.

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