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HC Tortos shell buff tracking with TMW?

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Hi all,


Has anyone managed to get TellMeWhen to show the shield value of the crystal shell buff?  I can show when I have it and when its full, but I've seen people use Power and Weak Aura's that can show the shield amount.  Was wondering how to do it with TMW as thats what I prefer to use.


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well, I do have quite some experience with TMW but I'm no pro.


I think you should make a Buff/Debuff Icon, make it track the spell Crystal Shell, there might be more with that same name and I'm not sure which one you need exactly but it should be one of them since the aura is called Crystal shell (there are cases where aura's have a different name than you think, this is often seen with trinkets).


Please note I am just guessing this works, I have no time to test it right now. Let me know if it does not and I will go deeper into it.

I made a quick vid to help you out. hope it works.




Step by Step:

  • Make a new icon, click enable and choose Buff/Debuff from the dropdown menu.
  • in the box under "Choose Spells to check" type Crystal Shell, choose the one you need.
  • Check the boxes for "Only Check Mine" and "Show Variable Text"
  • Check the Box for "Buff", "Debuff" or "Either" If you are unsure. (I forgot this in the vid.)
  • Check the box for "Show Timer" and "Show Timer Text" if you want this to be  displayed aswell (It can display both the timer and absorption amount, If you cant get it to work, try skipping this step)
  • at the bottom right, there are two bars in which you can fill out text to be displayed. right now in the second bar it should say:
    Change this to

    This will display the absorption amount on the shield as for example, 15k when you have 15268.

  • Hit OK.

When in config mode you will ofc see the icon, and it should already display 0k. when you exit config mode (by typing /tmw) it should disappear and only appear when the buff is active.


Hope it helps, let me know if it works.


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Thanks for the help.  I managed to get this working yesterday whilst in the instance.  Here's the string in case anyone else wants to use it :-


^1^T^SBuffOrDebuff^SEITHER ^SType^Sbuff ^SName^SCrystal~`Shell ^SShowTimerTextnoOCC^B ^SSettingsPerView^T ^Sicon^T ^STextLayout^Sicon2 ^STexts^T ^N1^S[stacks:Hide(0):Short] ^t^t^t^SCustomTex^S137552 ^SStackMinEnabled^B ^SEnabled^B ^SShowTTText^B ^t^N62230^S~`~| ^Sicon^^>>

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