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Just tested out castigator for my Unholy DK. Very surprised.

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You posted this exact same thing on mmo champion. Maxweii is basically the god of unholy DK's atm and their statement reigns supreme. Castigator is fine yes you can do decent numbers with it. However, with instructors 4th it is pointless. Then with draught of souls or tier set it interferes with the rotation. so while yes castigator is fine its not going to get you top parses.

There is a tendency to keep in mind with most websites and even the discords. Theorycrafters aim at the top of the top best selections. So, using Maxweii as an example, he/she is looking to get the absolute maximum dps out of unholy as possible. Now, are other talent builds applicable or usable? Yes, its your game you can play any way you want. You can also do decent dps. A frost DK in my guild refuses to learn BOS and he does competitive numbers. However, his parses are never above the 60-70th percentiles.

So it brings up the term viable vs competitive. Using castigator is viable just like using clawing shadows was in 7.1 . You can likely pull the 300k min or whatever your personal guild sets. However, if looking to join top progression guilds or to get top parses, it won't work. You will not be able to compete and its not a grumpy troll thing its just math. Now here and there you will find outliers in the top logs but it can be manipulated, or they have done something out of the ordinary in stat stacking or gear selection ETC. Also, your work was done just on a target dummy, in short, there's a lot of issues there.

So, back to viable versus competitive. You have found that castigator is viable. That's great if you like it and others like it they can play it if they choose. However, if min maxing, or seeking top parses, you will have great difficulty. Some people don't care. Some just want to have fun and if you are having fun great. You are doing good dps for nighthold. However, there is more power you can get out of unholy. 

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18 minutes ago, Drtain said:

Clawing shadows is too strong currently.

Looking at your statement, looking at my four paragraphs. I may in fact be long winded. Who would have guessed. I am always impressed by conciseness :)

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I would normally go into more depth, @demonardvark but between what you said and it just being better there really wasn't much for me to say. If there was discussion between the two talents I'd probably talk about it but currently there really isn't.

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