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Spell Question - Holy Nova

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My guild/raid leader was going through some of the upcoming patch changes, and said something about the nerf coming to Holy Nova.  I said I havn't been using Holy Nova on my Disc Preist since the changes pre-mist at the end of cata (used to love it on the adds before Hagara and the bloods on the Madness fight) 


So he asked me why I didn't use it, it had a higher heal than his paladin's aoe heal, and it cost less mana than my other aoes.  


I couldn't think of a reason why I am not using it, other than I remember it getting nerfed around the end of cata and no one saying it had been buffed / was worth using.  


Is it a viable option for Disc, (which has limited aoe heals) for the situational high aoe fights like jinrok/magera where people are stacking after spirit shell has been used and on cd? with the upcoming changes is it worth keeping if I take it now?  


A friend of ours who was in vent plays holy and was wondering if it was worth to pick up, because she hadn't been using it either.  

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Have you tried using it? On my priest (on live), with 535ilvl, it heals for 12k.

That amount is divided among the number of targets healed: with raid buffs, using it on 5 people, each person will be healed for around 3k.

That doesn't sound like a lot to me, i can't see how it can heal more than your RL aoe heal.


The 5.4 change is a nerf only if used with < 5 people, otherwise it's pretty much the same.


TL;DR: spell_holy_holynova.jpgGlyph of Holy Nova is garbage, don't use it.

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wel I must say I do use it from time to time.

I'm holy and when heavy raid damage is coming soon (on a stacked raid) I pretty much all my aoe's on cooldown, and spam holy nova along with it, the spamming ability makes it stronger and even if it is only 2K per person, I'd rather have that save someones life than not use it and assume my other aoe's will cover it.

But you should never see it as a priority and ou should only use it if you have no need of that glyphslot for this particular fight.




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