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What legendary's? Im stuck

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So as the title says I'm stuck at making the decision what legendary's to wear. I mean I know that I will the ECC for 10% extra dps in multi target fights. I will probably never use Akainu's Absolute Justice since Lava Lash is the ability I try to avoid spending Maelstrom on (only as a filler so the 30% dmg boost isn't really that big of a deal) Than I recently got Kiljaedon's wish. That's the BiS trinket but when I run sims the combination of Emalon's Charged Core and Eye of the Twisting Nether are better than EoTN+Kiljaedon's Wish.

To give some background info I'm part of a casual guild, we raid 4 times a week we are 3/10 with a 6% wipe on Krosus, so he should die soon.

TL;DR: I got 4 legendary's (all at 940 ilvl), Eye of the Twisting Nether, Kiljaedon's Wish, Aikanu's Absolute Justice and Emalon's Charged Core, what to use on single target fights? 


link to armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Shireimaria/advanced

Any tips are welcome!!


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None of the Enhancement legendaries are super amazing for raiding except for Emalon's Charged Core. The stats on the ring are perfect, too, and 3% damage boost (without Frostbrand) on top of that makes it worthwhile using, but they're both kind of dull in a way since they don't do anything to change your playstyle or rotation. Same goes for the trinket.

I've remained a Boulderfist diehard too, and if I had your gear and your raiding focus, I would be setting up the same way (ring and trinket), though with a different trinket than Spontaneous Appendages which is no longer BiS for us. For Mythic+, I always use Emalon's Charged Core with Spiritual Journey, which since 7.1.5 is the bee's knees in 5 mans.

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Cheers for your response. 

I asked Cayna last night (raider for method) and he told me it relies on my other gear. For example I have some decent trinkets (Appendages+urn) but my replacement chest is only 885 (the one that was bis from emerald nightmare). That said I think it should look like this, until I get a better chest to replace the 885:

Single target: Ring - Chest (higher mastery stats and better ilvl)

Multiple target fights: Chest - Trinket

Hot hand talent: Aikanu's - Chest

And your right there isn't that much changing other than using the trinket on CD. And I'm glad I got the trinket whenever I wan't to switch to elemental that is possible now.

Again, thanks for your responds.

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