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Ret Pala DPS

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Hi! First time posting here! :)

So, I've noticed that my dps on most fights is somewhat lower than what I am simming. On a Patchwerk sim I got around 560k dps, while my dps on Krosus was only 460k and on Star Augur 480k. Now, I am aware of some stuff. On the Krosus log Im linking my raid leader said to go kill an add (we're quite mellee heavy in our guild) in the middle of the bridge where I lost some dps and I know I missed out on using some TVs with Judgement up. I am also aware I wrongly used my Old War on the Star Augur fight. Furthermore I am aware I wasted 3-4 Holy Power.  Is that all there is to it? Should I try and have (not sure how tho) a higher uptime on bosses? Also, should I get more haste?

My armory - New neck, I got it on the Augur kill and Sephuz is actually 940

Krosus kill

Star Augur kill


Thanks in advance!

Edit: a bit of clarification and typos

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