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WW monk low dmg output

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Hello, so my friend was with us in our last raid. I've done lots of m+ and stuff with him and he did very very well. Could someone look at our raid logs and help out a little? I've tried looking at the logs with him but cant figure out whats wrong. thanks in advance

Name is Leukaparta



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Looking at Krosus:

  • Drop Eye of the Tiger in favor of Chi Wave.  Especially if you are using Hit Combo.  If you aren't using HC, then use either Chi Wave for Single Target and Chi Burst for AoE.
  • Looks like you started way out of melee range and had to run in before you started hitting the boss.  If you do start at range, you have roll and Flying Serpent Kick to get you there (make sure you don't go off the edge!).
  • You delayed your opening cooldowns quite a bit.  You waited 10s to use SEF, ToD and your Racial.  You want to use these ASAP (unless there is some obvious thing happening that you want to save them for, but for the most part, this is not true).
  • There's a lot of missed casts and hits of abilities.  At one point there's a 1:06 gap between Fists of Fury uses (!).
  • It looks like you're waiting to stack Hit Combo up to 8 before you're using cooldowns/major abilities.  Don't.  Your opener should look something like this (With Whirling Dragon Punch and Energizing Elixer, as you have):
    Chi Wave (Pre-pull) + Pre-Pot > FSK/Roll into melee > Tiger Palm > Touch of Death > SEF + Rising Sun Kick > Energizing Elixer + Fists of Fury > Strike of the Windlord  > Tiger Palm > Whirling Dragon Punch.
  • The number of Whirling Dragon Punch uses should be the same as Fists of Fury uses, you missed a few.
  • Spinning Crane Kick is a no-no on Single Target.  Refer to this chart as to when to use SCK: inGv3Cv.png
  • Crackling Jade Lightning is a no-no in general.  It's only use is to tag mobs at range in open world content.  The only exception to this, ever, is if you have the legendary chest, in which case you use CJL at 20 stacks (roughly once per minute). 
  • It looks like you used your second Touch of Death right as the boss was dying, so the damage never went out.  This is because you held onto it for too long.  Ideally, you should use your 3rd use of SEF with your Second ToD (thanks to SEF having 2 charges, you don't waste any of the cooldown by holding onto 1 charge for the difference).


By the looks of it, these sort of issues persist throughout the log.  Make sure you have some way to track the cooldowns of FoF, RSK, SotW, ToD, SEF, WDP, etc. and that they're easy to see. 

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