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14 hours ago, keaghen said:


can somebody tell me what im doing wrong. My dps feels abysmally low and i cant figure out what im doing wrong.


Thanks in advance

Have you tried checkyourwow.com for your fights?  On Scorpus, you missed 1/4 of your potential windburst shots and 1/3 of your potential aimed shots.  You also appear to need to work on managing focus better as you were focus capped for 1/6th of the fight.    You can also drill down in warcraftlogs to see what's happening with your focus.  You had 16 arcane shots that wasted focus gains (probably capped and should have been using AiS). The multi-shot wasted focus is probably unavoidable during the add phases unless you can dump focus prior to the add phase.  Finally, you had 700 focus wasted by normal generation.  Again, easily remedied by using that 1/3 of AiS you weren't using on that fight.  

You're getting all your trueshots in, almost like clockwork.

From the logs:

get all your windbursts in
hit more aimed shots
focus dump with aimed shots, especially prior to adds AOE adds phase so you can spam multishot

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Honestly, I wouldn't use Skorp as a means of evaluating yourself.  Even on warcraftlogs, it's worth no points.  It can be cheesed for ridiculous AOE dps.  Aluriel's a better aoe fight to judge yourself by.

However, general aoe pointers: save your cooldowns for when packs of adds show up, if possible.  Also, before casting Piercing Shot, make sure vulnerable's up on your target/targets and that you've got 100 focus stored up (both effect its damage), and positioning's a thing due to how narrow it's area of damage is on its way to its target

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