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I am trying to boost my HPS having a problem in my current setup wondering if there is any advice you can throw my way. By the end of day tomorrow i will be able to equip 2 legendary i have the belt. Wich i know sucks. 



and logs: i am catcat. 


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Hello. First post here but wanted to chime in my experiences with heroic raiding. In regards to your stats, your gear has high amounts of mastery. (edit)Go to the druid discord and get the RDSW Weak Aura. It'll help you normalize your stats . Your trinkets are good so no worries there.  (just for clarity, mastery is better for Mythic+ So keep that gear set. Start gearing crit for raiding.)

As for actual healing during the fight. You're not making full use of your cool downs. The kill for Tichondrius shows you only did EoG once, and didn't use ironbark or innervates. Given the fight does have orbs for mana regen. Still use Innervate to spam rejuvs, regrowths, wildgrowths for free. Put an Ironbark when the tank dips to 50~70% as it lets healers conserve some mana. Anticipate raid damage and keep flourish on cd.  You dont always have to pair up Flourish with EoG. And keep throwing out those rejuvs. It looks like you are spamming it which is great. Keep that up. Once you have 25% haste you'll feel a great difference in your healing capabilities. You'll be able to throw out rejuvs faster and cover the entire raid easier.

Hope this helps.

My character: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/argent-dawn/Mortyflint/simple

My guild logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/6WQTjnGN4yqKZC1X#fight=9&type=healing


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