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For ele mastery or haste with meta?!

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Hey all I'm a 544il ele that has gone all mastery after I got my meta and I have simcasted it and it seems to be very close to haste. What i was wondering  would it be better to gem all haste and just go back to that. or stick with what i got!?! also on a side note i have been trying to test it (kinda failing) weather or not lava beam is even worth using with the t15 4 set. Here is a link for my toon any help would be awesome <3 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Pwnypie/simple

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Can settle this once and for all after a ticket made to Blizzard.....here goes.....


I am getting really anxious and frustrated at the lack of information about which stats to use now as ele shaman, and would please like someone with actual knowledge to clear it up for me. I keep spending and wasting gold re-gemming and reforging to test it and cannot come up with anything. Is there a haste cap for elemental shaman? If so, at what point does mastery become better? Please can you give me some guidance on this, I have searched for hours on the internet and no-one seems to know for sure, i would like to be able ot pass on the knowledge to others in need of help! (my ticket)


Thank you for your mail, every voice matters at Blizzard!

Hey there my friend and great to hear from you =) 

It just so happens that my housemate and also a fellow GM xD Is an insane pro elemental shaman before elemental shamans were even popular, he is a PvP beast, but he basically knows it all about ele shamans, I wish I could link you his armory profile you would be blown away, but we cant for security and privacy concerns. So ofc I have tapped him up for information. The information I am giving you is about the most any GM can, the thing you were doing before checking on the internet and with others in-game is the correct way to solve this, we cannot really provide gameplay hints or knowledge.

Here it comes and I hope this information helps, we want to do our best for your guys!

"For PVP it is INT > Haste > Mastery > for pve the same i think.

Int > all - after that haste 

Is there a haste cap for elemental shaman? - No

"So mastery is not better than haste? - I would say no...

Haste = Faster flame shock procc ---- Flame shock proc = chance that lava burst is instant without cast time and CD reset for lava burst too.

Mastery is just a chance that the same spell proccs again for less dmg (also good but not better)"

I hope this information helps, we want to do our best for your guys!

You do not need to reply to this ticket, unless you have a new issue.

Warmest Regards

GM Smoburz (their response)



Hope this helps anyone confused over which stats are better!

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I am also ilevel 545 and have had the same issues, but went back to haste and i have to say it has increased my dps...so the mastery thing i just dont get! You gotta remember that 50% of a boss fight is done without the meta being active, so those extra procs for lava burst really matter at this point. Also for example fights like Ra-den when its important to dps the orbs down ASAP, i found that more haste made me more effective at this, hope I can at least give you some kind of reassurance and deffo know what u have been tormented with haha, i too have been toying with mastery a lot lately, but im gone back to haste and thats where im staying now, despite what people may think there is no haste cap for ele shaman. The global cooldown on spells is relevant to all classes, it does not affect the casting time of a spell necessarily, if you notice you can have your chain lightning at less than 1 sec per cast, and let face it by the time ya finger presses the button again to cast, the global CD is gone :D


Haste, Haste and more haste - mastery is nice, but not quite as nice :D 

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While I don't play Elemental, I think that there are some important things to note about the Haste vs. Mastery debate;


Firstly, Mastery is quite RNG heavy for Elemental - you will find that if you get lucky your DPS could be insane, but it's not guaranteed. On the flipside, Haste is a much more reliable increase in your DPS. That might be what you're seeing.


Secondly, it's entirely possible that a Mastery heavy build is simply more punishing when not played 100% optimally. If Haste is more forgiving, you'll see your DPS higher with Haste than Mastery - everyone makes rotation mistakes :)


Remember also that the one number most people get from sims (DPS) is NOT reflective of the two things above, so just because one stat sims slightly better does not mean it's guaranteed to be better for you.

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Nice post, makes sense what you say, but yeh just to clear things up a bit, I would say haste is deffo the better stat to stick at. There are a few well geared shammies going with mastery, but again I just cannot fathom why. Perhaps because they have almost every BiS item available, but im not bad geared and still find haste to be better. 


Stoove made a good point about mastery being in part lucky, it is true, sometimes you get amazing bursts and can get lucky and get good sustained dps, but it is not as reliable as haste, where you will be more consistent and get good burst and the ability to sustain and keep up with some of the higher dps classes in this expansion. We all know ele sham struggles compared to most classes in this expansion, hopefully Blizz will reconcile this again at some point, but by stacking haste you should still keep up and be at least, not far behind the mages and rogues etc. 


Again, certain fights are good for us (usually where AoE can be used, Horridon, Tortos, Durumu Lei shen most notable examples) but certain fights in my opinion require the extra haste to keep up with other dpsers. 

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Thank you both for your inputs!!! I went back haste and have noticed about a 10k difference in lfr from what I pulled before I changed. I think the only time where I seen my dps slip a little was when using Chain Lightning. And about Blizzard throwing us a bone, not sure that's going to happen seeing how they are nerfing both our Lava Blast and Greater Fire Elemental by 10%.

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