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Basics of support class

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• You need to have enough CDR to maintain Epiphany and Inner Sanctuary at all times.
• Try placing your Inner Sanctuary where the DPS is supposed to be. If he is dead, there won't be any progress. 
• Use Cyclone Strikes to proc your Zodiac. 
• Everyone must stay in the Inner Sanctuary. Try placing it in wide areas and between crossing roads for more monsters and for the benefit of Area Damage. 
• Do not use Blinding Flash before gathering the Elites and the trash.
• If you think you can manage without ILLUSORY BOOTS you may replace them, otherwise they are mandatory. 
• Blinding Flash causes Bosses to move around more.
• There are two ways to stay stationary with Epiphany: 
Place your cursor over your hero while holding Shift 
or place your cursor outside the map while holding shift  -------> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z37mwEL7lOk
•Most important stats - Helth globe bonus and CDR , Bleed dmg is rly nice




•Generally you are the one pulling the monsters.
•Keep an eye on the Witch Doctor's health globes stacks - they extremely buff his damage.
•DPS classes should have the effect of Ignore Pain at all times.
In case there is lag, don't pull more monsters with the hook. Instead, try to pull them away from each other.
•Get as much CDR as possible to maintain Ignore Pain active at all times. Keep an eye on your teammates' IP buff icon. The effect lasts for 10 seconds!
•Depending on your group and how you planned your strategies beforehand, you may be leading the group and determining when to go and where to stop next. Usually in wide areas and between crossing roads. 
•When relocating before killing an elite pack, you must try and drag it to the new spot.
•Generally you are pulling the trash monsters and the elite packs. 
•The Gen Monk and the Lightning Wizard only reveal areas and lure the monsters.
•Also, in most cases you are generating the health globes so it's best if you don't go too far away.
•For taking Pylons, unless it is a Shield and everybody is alive, you should collectively decide when to take them. For the rest of the 
•Pylons you must have in mind the current Meta and your group setup. See below.
•Before starting to reveal and pull monsters, you must activate all your buffs and the Witch Doctor must be at 5 Health Globe stacks.
•Do not hook Elites with Shield. You won't pull them and they will stack crowd control resistance. 
•Elites with Juggernaut cannot be hooked but that doesn't mean they can't be pulled where we want them to be. It takes time, but when pushing you will have enough of it. Lure them by going close to them and even hitting them. 

When do we take Pylons :

Shield - As fast as possible unless there are dead teammates. 

Speed - Depending on the Meta and the situation. Sometimes it can be taken immediately or after pulling the Elite pack. This Pylon helps you stack the effect of Bane of the Stricken thanks to the AS bonus and is also the best one for the DPS Wizard. 

Conduit - Make the most of this Pylon by revealing the area around and gathering as much Elites as possible. Also, try killing most of the trash before taking it. 

Channelling - Take it immediately or keep it for the Boss if you are over the 80% mark on your GR progress. This Pylon allows you to skip monsters and zones if you don't like the monster type. 

Power - In the current Meta, this is the most important Pylon. 

When fighting a Boss, wait until its Health is below 80-85% for speed runs or depending on how powerful the Gen Monk or the Wizard is, it could be taken at 90-95%. The more health you have taken, the better. 
When pushing, it could be taken when boos is below 50% or the timer starts counting. Remember that you make the most of this Pylon when your Bane of Stricken is stacked.










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