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Getting started the wild format as f2p player

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First of all: after introducing myself to the whole board, I also want to use my first post here to greet in particular all the Hearthstone players.  

I have a question regarding the gold and dust management when it comes to the wild format.

I've been playing HS for a few weeks and therefore my collection ist rather small. As all the other f2p guys out there, I want to do my best to build up my collection as fast as possible. But unlike most other players, I'm tending more to the wild format and I think there are a few considerations which may lead too a at least slightly different gold/dust strategy.    

I've figured out the following points:

  • LoE/BM: With respect to the upcoming big rotation, it can be recommended to ignore these adventures when you just wanne go for the standard format. But for me as a new 'wild player' these adventures are still important. Therefore I'm planing to buy one wing of each adventure before the rotation. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard that it is possible to buy all other adventure wings when you've bought at least one wing before the adventure rotates out. 
  • Should I also buy TGT-packs before the rotation? What do you think? It seems that this expansion had not as much influence as other expansions and some core cards can be crafted later. 
  • Dust: it is recommended saving your dust for legendaries instead of wasting the dust for other cards. But crafting wild-only cards is actually no waste of dust as these cards will not be contained in any packs you gonna open in the future. Moreover, one has just no over opportunity to get those cards but to craft them. Hence, it is maybe more efficient to use the dust to craft some essential common or rare wild cards instead of crafting one or two legendaries. One should also keep in mind that in wild format one can craft a whole viable deck with about 1,000 dust (mech mage). 
  • Arena: As dust is the most important resource to build your wild decks, for me the arena seems to be the most important play mode (at least for the moment).
  • Conclusion: best way to get me started in the wild format is to spend my gold on arena runs and to buy at least one adventure wing of BM and LoE before the rotation. Instead of saving all my dust for legendaries, I will use it for a cheap wild deck and/or some non-legendary core cards.

What do you think? Any suggestions?


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I can't answer the question concerning the adventures.

Generally speaken, most adventures feature some great cards - (e.g. Blackrock Montain for every dragon deck).

Not all of them necessarily legendary cards, on the contrary, most are just common or rare. Meaning you can craft quite a lot of cards for not this much dust as soon as the adventure rotates out.


Arena is a good way to get more dust / packs for your gold (if you play well enough! Without experience that may be difficult), it is discussed here

in more detail.


Spending dust: Yes, most often it is more usefull to craft epics and a few rares / commons then just one legendary.

Easier to replace 1 legendary then 5 other cards of a deck.


I don't want to discourage you, but to be honest I think it will be impossible to catch up if you don't invest lots of money.

The F2P concept of hearthstone worked - if you started with Hearthstone right from the beginning. (Or let's say maybe a year later.)

Personally I got several hundred packs and the adventures for free, but I play since several years.

If you start now from scratch it seems next to impossible to catch up. Well, you can focus on just one single deck and in a few month you will be able to craft this deck. But you won't be able to play more decks or ever get a halfway decent coverage of the existing cards. Not of the commons, not of the rares and not the slightest in epics / legendaries. (After playing for several years I just have 15 legendaries (not counting the ones from adventures) - out of I don't know 100? Sure, you don't need most of the legendaries, just to give you some perspective)


If you realy want to try it I would play standard, this way you can ignore Naxrammas + BlackrockMountain (BRM rotates out soon), and you can ignore Goblin vs Gnome and the Grand Tournament. I still don't think you will ever catch up, but the card pool is noticable smaller with standard.

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I am pretty sure this is definately a reachable goal.

I personally only play standard and I bought a ton o packs over the years but I feel that i this is your goal. you can reach it. The only obvious point you forgot seems to be, always try to replace 40g quests for more rewarding ones (especially now that gadgetzan brought so many extra quests) but I guess that speaks for itself.

I don't knwo what you could do to tip the scales in your favour in terms of collecting all those cards but I wish you all the luck and remember. no card is ever bad. Any card in wild has the potential to combo well with future cards, even if it doesn't seem like it.

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Thank you both for your input!

@Shine: yeah, good point. Thanks for mentioning it. I try to replace the 40g quests. 

@WedgeAntilles: Thanks for your honest words. Honestly, that I'm not f2p to save my money and I'm not one of these proud guys doing this f2p because of something like 'f2p honor' or whatever. I just like the idea of building up a collection with nothing but my own effort. Saying this, there maybe will come the point where I will review my decision to play without spending money. 

After spending some thoughts on this and a chat with @positiv2, I think (at least for the moment) I should focus on building a solid standard deck and improving my skills in standard. But I will save my dust. Doing so, I can decide later where my journey will take me (wild or standard). 

Again, thanks for your input. 

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