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896 Boomkin DPS Help

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Looking for some help and critiquing on my balance druid dps. I am in a mythic Raiding guild (casual mythic) and I feel that I could pump out some more numbers  and be a better player. I get lost in logs and its hard for me to see some differences and stats that others seem to see so easy.

My armory


and here is a link to my logs...


The link is to my overall average score on fights (farming heroic mainly before jumping into mythic, but hopefully somebody can see what I can approve on.


That is skorpyron mythic, which I did terrible on.




above is Krosus Heroic, which I did 70% on, but I know I could be better than that.


Please help all that you can. Thank you.



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17 hours ago, gymtansmush said:

above is Krosus Heroic, which I did 70% on, but I know I could be better than that

It's actually 79% if you consider the ilevel. Any particular reason you'd think you should be better than 90% of the players ? :)

Regarding the skorp fight, you were terrible but:

DPS is not everything. It relies heavily on the adds in this fight.

If you want to improve your DPS, cast starfall more often (you used it only 6 times), choose the right talents, apply ae dots, make lunar strike rain on those adds, use your trinkets, incarnation and potion to wipe big pack of adds.

However this may not be the correct strategy. It is possible that the correct strategy is to use your CD on skorp when it looses its armor, at the expense of your overall DPS.

Take the example of Baktiff (hunt, 1st place, 95%, 1255 Kdps) and stabby (rogue, 12th place 19%, 536 Kdps). If you select damage done only on the boss, you get:

  • stabby (rogue, 1st place , 492 Kdps)
  • Baktiff (hunt, 7th place, 369 Kdps)

You need AOE damage and focused damage for this fight, but focused damagers will get a low rating. So make sure to understand that before switching to full ae for this fight.




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