Gold Making: Love is in the Air

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Love is in the Air and you can smell the sweet scent of gold from afar, especially with rising WoW Token prices. The event is live until February 21.

The event comes with three items of interest that can earn you gold

For the duration of the event, prices of the mount and pets will decline, it's best to resell them at a later point when the celebration is over.

Love Tokens & Charms

  • The currency used to purchase the items above is Love TokenLove Token. It's a reward from dailies and various activities revolving around Love is in the Air.
  • All mobs that yield experience or honor will drop Lovely CharmLovely Charms. Once you've got 10, they can be converted into a Lovely Charm BraceletLovely Charm Bracelet, which can be turned into a single Love TokenLove Token.
    • Mobs with fast (almost instant) respawn timers and low health are best for farming charms. If you're level 100 you might want to take a look at Everbloom, but starting areas on newly created characters can work too.

For all details related to Love is in the Air, don't forget to look at our guide.

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