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[Elemental] Gold Challenge Mode Guide by Ponypie

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Herro and welcome to my elemental shaman Gold Challenge Mode guide!




For tier 1 I go with ability_shaman_astralshift.jpgAstral Shift for "oops chain lightning pulled"dry.png


For tier 2 spell_nature_stranglevines.jpgEarthgrab Totem is really helpful for allowing your tank to kite, but let your team know when you are going to use it so they are not standing next to anything and get smacked.


For tier 3 I switch between ability_shaman_multitotemactivation.jpgCall of the Elements and ability_shaman_totemrelocation.jpgTotemic Projection, depending if I can stack with the group for double stun.


For tier 4 I use spell_nature_wispheal.jpgElemental Mastery over ability_shaman_echooftheelements.jpgEcho of the Elements because I find if I can use spell_nature_wispheal.jpgElemental Mastery on cooldown my overall output is greater.


For tier 5 ability_shaman_ancestralguidance.jpgAncestral Guidance all the way. It's great for use on big pulls when everyone will be taking spike damage and you don't have the stuns to get through it.


For tier 6 You can go shaman_talent_primalelementalist.jpgPrimal Elementalist or shaman_talent_elementalblast.jpgElemental Blast. For me I found shaman_talent_primalelementalist.jpgPrimal Elementalist to work out better having it line up perfectly with spell_nature_wispheal.jpgElemental Mastery  when spell_fire_elemental_totem.jpgGlyph of Fire Elemental Totem is glyphed. You can also use your spell_nature_earthelemental_totem.jpgEarth Elemental Totem to help tank.





These can be changed any time throughout the fight but I like to just stick with the same 3.


Gems and Reforging


Blue gems- inv_misc_gem_x4_uncommon_perfectcut_purpPerfect Purified Roguestone (unless you somehow have too much hit)ohmy.png  

I went with a haste build for my set.


Items for Challenge Modes


Trinket1-inv_inscription_trinket_dragon.jpgRelic of Yu'lon

Bracer- inv_bracer_mail_raidshaman_m_01.jpgLoa-Ridden Bracers>with haste


Now these are just some of the items that work for me. It's not a BIS table and I'm not telling you if you get all these items you will be unstoppable with the mad deeps bro, but it might help. If you have any questions or would like to add to this please reply or mail me through Icy-Veins.


Here is my armory page to check out if you would like:

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Hi there,


Thanks for contributing your guide to the forums! I'm excited to see such an awesome idea. I have a few comments for you to improve it;


1) When you quote spells, talens, glyphs, or items, linking them to a database is an excellent idea - that way people can mouseover the words and see what the stats are, etc. You can do this by clicking on the "Wowhead" button in the toolbar, and getting the spell number from the spell's wowhead page. Paste the number into the box, select "spell" from the menu, then press OK. Congrats! You've linked to a spell. I'd recommend doing that for all the things you've talked about. It makes it easier for others to read.


2) You're absolutely welcome to say it's *your* guide. You can have all the credit for it, we don't mind.


Hope it helps! If you improve it to look great, I'll sticky it.

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Hey Ponypie, I run CModes quite often and I'd have to say, you hit it almost right on the money. I do have to say that you should be a little clearer with the glyph selection. You want to swap to glyph of Ghost Wolf in Scarlet Halls to run the dummy extremely fast, and then swap to Glyph of Shamanistic Rage.
I find Glyph of Capacitor Totem to be a little more useful than Spiritwalker, honestly. Quicker stuns helps the group out a little more, but be warne dif you go this route, you may want to reconsider Projection and work on placement of the totem, since you'd need to be pretty quick and sure about the placement. Takes a bit of practice, but if you get it to work, it's amazing.
In CModes, you want to gem Mastery over Haste, mostly because you want the burst in your Ascendance + Lust.

So, as such, you want to gem Intellect Mastery for red, Mastery for yellow, Hit Mastery for blue.
You gem hit/mastery instead of spirit/mastery because in CModes, Spirit scales differently than Hit.  Your gem list should look like this:
Red: Artful Vermilion Onyx

Yellow: Fractured Sun's Radiance

Blue: Sensei's Wild Jade

Honestly, any haste/mastery mail pieces are lovely. You want to reforge mostly haste, but not too much out of mastery.
BiS Trinkets, if anything, are the Relic of Yu'lon, and Light of the Cosmos as you previously listed, BUT, the Zen Alchemist Stone is superb compared to Light.
Talent-wise you've got it right, but what I do is instead of glyphing fire elemental, I swap to EB between bosses, so my ele will be up for last boss, that way I have more throughput while my elementals are on cooldown.
Very solid setup, just balance your haste and mastery out, and play around with your setup. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up.

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Haven't seen Ponypie around recently, if we don't get a reply and update to the thread, hit me up by DM and we can update the OP with the relevant words. Nice feedback, Strawser. Thanks! :)

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Many forums always say all gear is lowered to 630 stats and all gem slots are disabled.

Anyone know for certain about the gem slots?

I think best still would just be going for specific double stat gear such as from garrison missions or the tanks random ques?

Say your going for haste, would a double haste 630 item gear be better then a 670 double haste item? And/or if the 670 also had gem slots?

Hopefully you can understand my chicken scratches.

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