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Good AoE but Bad ST

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Somehow I manage to get 2nd or third in my guild when I am doing AoE damage but when it comes to single target dps I am pretty much only beating tanks and healers.  I use Execution Sentence/Fires of Justice/Blade of Wrath talents for single target while using Consecration/Greater Judgement/Divine Hammer for my AoE talents.  I have spent some time trying to figure out what I am doing wrong in single target while doing right in AoE.  I feel like I should be opposite of this trend if anything.


I use pretty much the same rotation in each.  

In single target I use BoJ>CS>Judge>ES>WoA>TV>CS>TV  then I basically repeat this unless fires of justice procs then I use TV or ES at 2 then use BoJ then TV.  I use judgement practically on cooldown.  Only times that I don't is when it comes off and I have less than 3 HP.

In AoE I use BoJ>CS>Judge>DS>WoA>DS>CS>DS>Consecration




I used AoE for botanist and single target for Star and Magistrix.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think for starters, the talent choices are pulling you back.

For talents AOE, i would go:

Final Verdict

Fires of Justice/Zeal

Fist of Justice (Personal Choice)

Divine Hammer

Eye for an Eye (Personal Choice)

Divine Intervention (Again Personal Choice)



Now Given that you have 2pc, Final Verdict gives you more dps for your templar's verdict and divine storm. - Consecration down side is that, the damage isn't that great for AOE as you have divine hammer and divine storm (which deals even more damage when you got the right artifact talent. Or if you are already at least 34 artifact lvl). Plus most bosses dont stay static which mean you have to move thus devalues Consecration talent.

I chose Fires of Justice as I have the legendary cloak. Zeal works as well but since i have the cloak, Fires of Justice values goes up. If not Zeal is not a bad choice either as it up you base damage of crusader strike and it can cleave up to 4 target.

Greater Judgement is not a bad talent BUT the values goes down once the boss hp goes down below 50% (as it wont be 100% crit chance) + if there is 3 or less mobs *including boss* as it increases the number of targets hit by judgement by 2 (means the value given doesn't matter) + it scales better with mastery which isnt one of your priority stats.


As for Divine Hammer, you can also use Blade of Wrath. It is quite situational for these talents.

Warcraft logs for High Botanist Heroic: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/dqTx4vWkZVB31taR#view=analytical&type=damage-done

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/barthilas/Ferevellon/advanced

The logs are for last week as this week we didnt log the fight as our usual logger was not on. I did much better this week altho no new gear but just using different trinkets. That and i stop dicking around during raids.


Try out these talents and hopefully it can help you.


PS. on normal fights, i usually just dick around and slack so my numbers ain't that great lol



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