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[RET] Decent iLvL low low DPS

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well according to the armory you don't have all your gear gemmed/enchanted. what relics are you using? some are better than others - the ones that extend Crusade/AW are priority - Xavius (dungeon and raid) and Chronomatic Anomaly drop them

maybe also try using TFoJ instead of Zeal - Zeal did basically no damage to adds in heroic skorp fight - much better off getting the extra boost of using TV or DS

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Im gonna, give my opinion, based on how i play my paladin. First of all, you trinkets are bad. You have too much mastery and too little critical. Aswell, as  Kandry said, go for tfoj(instead of zeal) and for divine hammer(instead of blade of wrath). Aswell, hope you are using prepot, and potions in general.

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I agree with 99% of what the others said but disagree with Ssyndrome on Divine Hammer. Divine Hammer makes your rotation clunky and slow and is only worth it if you have constantly atleast 2 enemies alive to cleave on, like Skorpyron. But don't default Divine Hammer. Blade of Wrath is your default go-to for both AoE and Single Target (works on TV and DS). Since you don't have the 4 set yet yes, go FoJ instead of Zeal. Esp on big AoE fights FoJ is better because you get more Divine Storms in. You can also go for greater judgment if you have constant adds alive but is a pretty niche talent and I don't like it that much. Also since you don't have the legendary cloak and lack your 4 set you might consider taking Execution Sentence instead of Final Verdict. Atleast for Single Target that is.

1. Properly enchant & gem your gear. Hidden Satyr on your neck alone is already a big dps increase.
2. Try to get higher ilvl relics, prefered with the Avenging Wrath/Crusader trait.
3. Get better trinkets. Faulty Countermeasure(Vault of the Wardens Mythic+), or a higher ilvl Claw of the Crystalline Scorpid from Skorpyron (Nighthold) for example. A stat stick from Odyn (ToV) works wonders too or a Draught of Souls from Gul'dan (Nighthold). 
4. Make sure to always use:

- A flask, (Strength).
- Food buff (375 crit/haste or versatility - Sim which is best for you!
- Potions (Old war or budget: Prolonged power).
Bonus: - Defiled Augment Runes (If you're rich and not on progress, and are certain it's going to be a kill).

5. Use a potion 1 second before pull and another one lined up with your Crusade at 25 seconds left for an Old War so you get the most damage out of Crusade. For Prolonged you can pop it at the start of Crusade since it lasts for 60 seconds instead of 25. 
6. Optimize your talents situationally to the boss fight - Single Target or AoE.
7. Take a look at Paladins within your ilvl range/bracket and compare on logs between the two of you how many times they use X ability and how many times you did it, and figure out if you can improve your rotation.


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