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Fury Trinket Question – DoS & KJBW

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I received Draught of Souls last night from my Cache of Nightborne Treasures for the time walking quest and I also have Kil’jaeden’s Burning Wish. I saw on Icy Veins that there is an alteration to the rotation when using DoS:

"Draught of Souls should be played with a specific rotation during your Battle Cry effect in the first global following activating your Enrage effect via Rampage in tandem with the Reckless Abandon talent to give enough room for the effect to benefit from the guaranteed Critical Strike. After using this you can return to the regular cooldown rotation."

So now I have some questions regarding these trinkets and the alteration of the rotation:
1. Should I macro KJBW and DoS together and use when they’re both available? (They have a 5 sec difference in CD: DoS = 80sec / KJBW = 75sec)
2. Should I continue to use BC on CD after the opener or hold it for 30 - 35 sec until I can use it before DoS/KJBW?
3. If I continue to use BC on CD, then should I use DoS/KJBW on CD and hold for a few seconds if it's about to resync w/BC?
4. Should I use Odyn’s Fury right after I use DoS?
5. To be clear, should my opener now look like: Charge > Avatar > BC > Rampage > KJBW > DoS > OF > RB?


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(Remember, I do not use Frothing Berserker.)

Looking at the CDs and the duration of our spells/buffs it seems like I could use OF immediately after DoS/KJBW, but I would have 1 second left of Enrage to do this with and with latency/lag, I could potentially miss the 4 sec Enrage buff by <1sec. Using OF immediately after DoS/KJBW it would still be covered by the 7sec BC buff and the 20sec Avatar buff (and while I don't use FB, it would be covered by the FB 6sec buff too). The only issue is if OF would actually get the Engrage buff, which technically is possible, but not guaranteed in game. Am I on the right track so far?

I have ≈31% Haste and ≈36% Mastery unbuffed and before I got this DoS my opener was: Charge > Avatar/KJBW > BC > Rampage > RB > OF > BT > RB > Rampage

Depending on my latency my 2nd rampage was buffed by the BC window and my 2nd RB was buffed by both BC and Enrage. It was more reliable when I was buffed w/Haste food and had Hero.

With my ≈31% Haste and ≈36% Mastery unbuffed, assuming not buffed by hero, would my opener be:
#1 Charge > Avatar > BC > Rampage > DoS/KJBW > OF
#2 Charge > Avatar > BC > Rampage > DoS/KJBW > RB (Holding OF for 50sec for next BC)

With opener #1, OF would be buffed by BC & Avatar & maybe Enrage
So how important is it to guarantee that OF is buffed by Enrage? If I hold it for the next BC window, it won't be buffed by Avatar, but would be buffed by Enrage and BC. With my ≈36% Mastery, that would be a stronger buff to OF, but if I could get it under BC, Avatar and Enrage it would be even stronger.

Hitting RB in opener #1 has the same chance to not be buffed by Enrage as OF. So assuming that neither would be buffed by Enrage, would RB do more damage buffed only by Avatar/BC than OF would?

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Okay first of all, As Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish always crit, it does not really matter when you use it. Save it for adds if there are any. The trinket does only hit for like 800k, so it's not really that good, unless it hit many targets.
It is highly recommended to run Frothing Berserker and Reckless Abandon, as they fit very well together. Having Battle Cry generate 100 rage and last 2 seconds longer, while also enabling Frothing is insane.

Thing is with Draught of Souls, you wanna stack as many buffs as possible before you use it. So for opener, it should look like this:
Charge - Avatar/Battle Cry - Rampage - Draught of Souls, Raging blow - Bloodthirst, Odyn's Fury - Raging Blow. 

This is what I'm currently using on pull. Odyn's Fury will be buffed by enrage, but not by BC.


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