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wow Patch 7.2: Build 23578: Class Mount Quests

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Build 23578 added quests for class mounts. You get the mount by completing a short scenario. Every specialization has a different mount tints that change automatically when you switch between specs. 

New quests related to Tomb of Sargeras were also added in this build.

Class Mount Quests

Death Knight

  • The Lost Glacier
    • <The Lich King's presence is overwhelming.> Do you know why the red dragonflight seeks to prevent us from finding our prize? The bones of a great red dragon teem with the essence of life, even decades after its passing. You will consume this life essence, blight it, and turn it to undeath. And then you will raise a dragon. Fly now into the north. Find this glacier, and your destiny. <The presence fades.>

Demon Hunter

  • To Fel and Back
    • Mardum has its fair share of secrets, one of which we found not too long after we took control of the Fel Hammer. It's a breeding ground of sorts, festering with fel bats.

      We've been capturing the pups and trying to train them up for our efforts against the Legion.

      But the other day, we caught an even greater prize, something worthy of your position, Slayer.

      Speak with Kyra and she'll provide you a ride to the ledge.


  • You Can't Take the Sky from Me
    • The Shrine of Aviana has fallen to the demons, and the Idol of Aviana has been stolen. That idol acts as a link between the Druids of the Talon and the powers of flight granted to us by Aviana. The Druids of the Talon have decided to rebuild a new shrine in a more secure location: here in the Dreamgrove. Meanwhile, I'm going to get our idol back. Meet me in Azsuna, near where we've tracked Infazzar to, if you want to help.


  • Night of the Wilds
    • <The letter is written in a flowing, golden script. You can practically hear Odyn's booming voice speak the words as you read it.> The Night of the Wilds is upon us. Tonight, we will feast in the honor of the beasts of legend. And they will rise once more in the Fields of the Eternal hunt. One among us will set out into the fields to put their spirits to rest once more. My herald awaits you, hunter, if you will join us.


  • Dispersion of the Discs
    • These discs are radiating with power! It must be their proximity to one another. We must take them from here should they resonate further and cause a catastrophe in these sacred halls.

      I'll send them to the one place I know where we can reign their energies in, preventing any sort of explosion. I'm speaking of the Eye of Eternity.

      There we will be able to safely finish what Antonidas was unable to complete. Speak with me again when you're ready to leave.


  • The Trial of Ban-Lu
    • Ah, the ripples I feel in the water are strong! The droplet does not fall far from our location. Ban-Lu is quite close. <Ryuli closes his eyes and releases the lilies into the water. They drift slowly to the east.> He waits for you now, at the bottom of the waterfall to the east.


  • Stirring in the Shadows
    • We must now purify the barding by both material and immaterial means. For the material, we need to travel to Stratholme.

      When it thrived, before the plague, it produced holy water capable of cleansing even the darkest of magics. There still may be caches of it lying untouched there that we can use.

      Then it's just a matter of imbuing enough holy power into the barding to make sure it overcomes the will of Rivendare's mount, Shadowmane.

      Travel to the service gate of Stratholme when you're ready.


  • The Sunken Vault
    • Ello, High Priest. The Speaker has just been telling us of a calling of sorts, coming from deep in the core of Azeroth. The voice is telling 'im there's a lost Titan vault out there, near the Maelstrom. We dun know what's inside, but he's got tha feelin' it's got somethin' ta do with the Light, and you! Brann's got a vessel waitin' for ye, of the coast of Azsuna. Of course, I'll be accompanying ye as well, for cataloguing purposes. Can't go and let a chance like this go to waste!


  • Hiding in Plain Sight // Hiding in Plain Sight
    • Greetings, Shadowblade. I hope you are not too upset that I began without you, I have a bit of trouble controlling myself around the mindless undead. Yes, you heard me right. Taerir, the very Taerir that has been standing in the Hall of Shadows for many months now, was the undead pawn of a dreadlord. And there are more of them - in our cities, rising through the ranks of the aristocracy, growing in power and influence, and nearly undetectable.


  • Gathering of the Storms
    • Thunderaan has asked me to send you to the Throne of the Four Winds to assist him with a situation.

      Speak with me again when you're ready to leave, Farseer.


  • TBA


  • The Trial of Rage
    • I wish to extend to you a prestigious invitation.

      Every year I hold a trial for my finest warrior to prove that I command the strongest in this land. I have chosen you to be my champion in this trial.

      Should you succeed in completing the trial, I have a prize that will be worthy of your accomplishments awaiting you at the end.

      Take what time you need to prepare yourself. Come back and speak with me when you're ready to begin.

Tomb of Sargeras Quests

Cache of Fel TreasuresCache of Fel Treasures has been added to the game as a new quest reward and you will see various items that start a quest dropping from Tomb of Sargeras bosses. There are different versions for every difficulty.

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8 hours ago, Stan said:

Then it's just a matter of imbuing enough holy power into the barding to make sure it overcomes the will of Rivendare's mount, Shadowmane.

*girlish squeal!*

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