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Resto with Boom Offspec...trinket question

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Hello guys...just a quick question. 

Like title says I am a Resto main who picks up boom stuff along the way, but had to DPS H EN for some buddies and got a trinket. Just was wondering if their is a list of what trinkets are preferred over others. I can find BiS list pretty easy...but not something like other specs that list what you should look for. 

My trinkets are:

940 Velen's healing eye. Resto Legendary but I assume a 3k int + 456 other stats is a pretty sick stat stick

865 Unstable Horrorslime. New trinket. No clue if it is good or not

860 Erratic Metronome. Think it is good.

850 Random WQ stat stick with Int/Crit/socket

865 Darkmoon Promise deck. My other Resto trinket, but maybe Int is good?

Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks Druids!



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