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Unholy problems

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Hello fellow DKs,

Im having a little issue im pretty sure im doing way too low DPS for my iLVL im pulling around 380-400k DPS on pretty much all bosses in Night hold.

I feel like i should do way more and im pretty sure im doing grave mistakes but i just cant grasp what the problem is.

My armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/character/blackmoore/Snaxxy/simple

Warcraft logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/206259 (my guilds Warcraft logs) im in each of those raids except for the first 2 i think 

the question beeing is what can i change from my gear and stats to do more dmg, what trinkets i should go for, and if i should go for Frost instead of Unholy currently both speccs are fun but my Frost weapon is pretty far behind my unholy weapon

the other thing i want to ask is : how good is the 4 set bonus for unholy ? is it worth changing for 2 other a bit better items ?

Thanks for everyone whos gonna post here :D and sorry for my bad english

Add me  PumaDace#21170 if you have questions 

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4 Piece for unholy is very strong, unless it is something absolutely drastic like 875 vs 915 piece, you should use 4p. I would suggest playing frost if you have no objections of swapping.

Taking a look at trilliax, a rather stable single target fight with light movement. Straight off the bat castigor is no longer the way to go, clawing Shadows is significantly better, not even comparable, secondly assuming you go clawing shadows you need to be aiming for much much more mastery. (Clawing shadows for every single fight, encounter, or type of killing is currently the best in pve at least.) Assuming you get a decent bit of mastery at least 70% you'll easily increase your dps by 50k if not more, no do not switch any other talents. You only used 1 potion, low uptime on dot only 70%, very easy to get 100% maybe make a weak aura or some sort of dot tracking addon to help, you had some times where you festering striked when you had 7 or more wounds wasting a couple not tooo many but a small dps loss, you had delay on some of your casts of dark transformation causing you to miss 1 DT, and you missed at least 2 soul reapers because of delaying the casts as well which caused them to not line up with apocalypse. Lots of time runic capped spent nearly half the fight runic capped which is obviously a dps loss, even with 4p and bracers being runic capped that much is pretty unrealistic. Everything else seems to be fine all your apocs had 6 wounds popped, soul reapers all had 3 minimum etc.

If you are going to stay unholy start transfering towards a more mastery, haste set of gear. Trinkets that are BiS for unholy would be a good Urn from nightbane, and a Draught of Souls from guldan.  

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i do not have any objections to switching however if i would switch what gear would you  recommend me ? like what stats should i aim for and once again what trinkets.

im not very good with weakaura so i dont have a clue how i could make one.

to Summ it up : I should start being less runic capped, use clawing shadow, get more mastery, and hold up my dot or switch to frost?

if i was to stay on unholy what soft caps should i have ? 25 crit 20% haste and then mastery?



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There are no 'real' soft caps, but you might want to aim for ~15-20% crit, at least 20% Haste and the rest in mastery, as high as you can go. Trinketwise you might want to check out the DK discord, you can find a lit of different lists and guides under the resources tab there.

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@Puma With the current fights stacking as much mastery as possible is the ideal, with staying 18-24% haste, then crit then vers. 

Trinkets for frost would be Convergences from Elisande, and Horn of Valor from HoV, Horn is a very annoying trinket to get with all of this said, so if you wanna be able to get a less annoying trinket, a haste Chains of Valor from Odyn, Memento of Anger Boda from Maw, a solid Eye of Command also suites the needs. Don't rely on sims for frost trinkets right now, at least for convergences, convergence is 100% top 3-5, if not 2nd best. As far stats just get crit, and haste both hold very solid value and i would suggest just getting as much of both as possible. Same deal with 4p very worthwhile.

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Thanks for all the  help but i think im going to play frost due to Clawing shadows not being that much fun and the difference between castigator and clawing shadows being to great for me to say its still worth to play castigator

from what i understood my first things to do should be getting my frost weapon up and maybe switch some trinkets around :) 

many thanks to everyone who commented :D

PS. @Drtain would it be okay to add you for some questions in the next few days :D?

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