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Resto Druid efficiency hel

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Hi all!

I need some pro help to learn to heal properly with my druid. I love this class and I try to follow build, tips, place proper hots but I always get a very low efficiency index in raid logs.

Here there is the comparison between the other resto druid in my raid and I. I cannot see where or when i go wrong. I usually have some as 45% ov over healing and I'm afraid my raid has simply too many healers. What can I do to improve my efficiency? Its so frustrating to see 7-12% :(

Here is my current gear. As regards talents, I use for raid (usually i use PvP set up or Myth+ set up):

  1. Cenarion WardCenarion Ward because it seems to be easier even if I'd like to use ProsperityProsperity;
  2. Displacer BeastDisplacer Beast;
  3. Guardian AffinityGuardian Affinity;
  4. TyphoonTyphoon;
  5. CultivationCultivation;
  6. Spring BlossomsSpring Blossoms;
  7. FlourishFlourish.

Can you please help me to improve my performance?

Thanks a very lot.



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I am no pro by any mean. I used the elissandre fight, it is more demanding in hps.

- your haste is slighly too low

- your  LifebloomLifebloom uptime (31%) is way too low, you are missing clearcast procs

- you used innervate only once, in a 10 minutes fight. Meaning you are a missing 2 innervates during which you could have gone crazy on powerful ae heal and regrowth.

- you are distributing rejuv like candies, while rejuv is mana efficient, there's a high chance another healer among the 3 others will ninjaheal you (I'm not sure it's the correct english term, but I hope you'll understand what I mean by ninja healing)

Here's a suggestion:

1/ take the germination talent (rejuv*2)

2/ take the tier1 talent that gives you an extra wiftmend charge, and using switmend buff your next wild growth

3/ Keep hots (2 rejuv + lifbloom) on tanks.

The more important:

4/ less rejuv, more wild growth. Beware, wild growth cost mana ! If you use it on Cd you may end up with mana problem. Use wild growth only if the raid took damage (captain obvious) ! Moreover, whenever swiftmend is available, use swiftmend first, then wildgrowth. Use your artifact right after  a buffed wild growth.

5/ with a better innervate management, you should be able to pull this off, mana wise.

6/ resist the urge to rejuv anyone above 70% of HP. Let the wild growth and effervescence do the work, unless you know the raid will take damage.

7/ balancing rejuv/wild growth take time and practice don't expect immediate results.

Here's an example, my first down of elissandre  (417 HPS, 94% ilevel):


look at my rejuv/ wild growth ratio and compare to yours.

Edited by bobifle

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Hi !

4 healers is too much for your group, in normal mode there's not much to heal...

Your talents are good, maybe you could try inner peace because of your legendary boots, but it requires to use tranq very often to be effective. (and in normal mode i don't think there's enough damage)

Like bobifle i'd say use more wild growth and less rejuv because it's too much overhealing with your comp.


Again, don't stress too much for your hps in normal mode with 4 heals and small group, and a priest who is sniping faster than you hots ticks :p

Wait for heroic mode to see numbers, there will be more damage to heal and you'll take more profit of cultivation, mastery, blossoms etc...

If you really want to compete against the priest and other healers in normal mode, you should max haste / crit , but it won't be the most effective in HM ;)

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