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Seeking opinions on end of Battlefield Barrens

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I accept the end of the Barren Battiefields weekly, as I've had my fun in it, I've gotten decent pieces of gear from it for two characters, and I wouldn't say that I need to chain grind so that every one of my many alts has their "free purples" going into the next expansion. I had an enjoyable piece of the pie and I'm not going to cry for more.


That being said, I'd be happier if Blizzard came up with a better REASON for removing the weekly and gear upgrades, than the one they've given. Let me explain this, and let me know how you feel?


The "continuity" of the game play is as looped back and forth on itself as it can get, already. We start a Pandaren on the wandering isle, finish its quest line, go to Stormwind or Orgrimmar, and are welcomed into our chosen faction in way consistent with the start of the MoP expansion.


We then begin quest lines in a chosen level 10-15 zone with quest lines consistent with the start of the Cataclysm expansion. For the most part this continues all the way to 58 or 60, when we're summoned to... Outland, to deal with the growing threat of the Burning Legion, something that we've squashed long before the Mists parted and some of the various Azerothian population came to think that the pandaren people were just a legend. Then we go to Northrend, etc. to finish leveling to 85 before we arrive in Pandaria to get back to where, in the timeline, we were when we first arrived in our chosen faction's home base.


It's the same with Death Knights, well after the LK's defeat, we're just now breaking free from his control and coming to SW or Org, where our new leader still announces, "People of (SW/Org)! Death Knights have sworn revenge on the Lich King, work with them and honor them!" to everyone in /yell earshot.


I see many major NPC's appear in several zones without "phasing" out of previous ones. Many DO, but not ALL of them.


If Blizzard wants to say that these particular NPC's are supposed to "phase" from one zone to another, and phasing on a scale of the Barrens is too complicated for their phasing technology right now, that's a more appropriate reason, although it also raises another question-- I could have sworn, a month or two ago, I was grinding up the resources for the weekly and saw a level 15 horde NPC run by without any aggro from any mobs in the area. Does that mean the entire Battlefield Barrens phases in at a certain point? Unfortunately the only spare horde player toon I have to try to test this was an 85 hunter, and they were there and aggroed soon as my wind rider touched down, I had to lift back off the ground in a hurry. But what if I had a, say, level 20 horde toon? Does the whole battlefield phase in at a certain point? If yes, that would make it more than possible for the Darkspear Rebellion NPC's to "phase" IN as well as out. It's not like the Razor Hill area of Durotar, or any of the Northern Barrens, are about to get blasted like the Vale.


If this is all about the fact that gear much higher than 489 in ilvl will become extremely easy to get in 5.4, without the work involved in the Barrens weeklies, thus making them superfluous-- why not just come out and say so?


I've had my piece of the pie, and I'm satisfied with it, and yet I can't help but feel that they could have come up with a better reason for shutting down the "pie vending machine" the one they gave. Does anyone else feel the same, or do you feel it doesn't matter?



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I've been away for a fair while and must admit I have only just actually been taking part for the last week or so.  Found it really enjoyable.  Is there any link to their explanation at all so I could perhaps have a read through? :)

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Ah ok, it looks like the titles will become unobtainable (inv_hand_1h_trollshaman_c_01.jpgHordebreaker and inv_hand_1h_trollshaman_c_01.jpgDarkspear Revolutionary) so if you havent completed your quest chains you are best getting on to those during this last week.


Also the two items that were purchasable from the quartermaster inv_bijou_blue.jpgGahz'rooki's Summoning Stone and inv_weapon_hand_30.jpgRaptorhide Boxing Gloves will drop from trash mobs that will remain in the area.


Its a shame that it will be removed.  I only just found today that it is a great way to farm inv_misc_coin_18.jpgLesser Charm of Good Fortune by being in a large group and grinding the mobs!


Looks like everyone has a week to get some charms stored up, titles obtained, and if you don't want to grind the mobs for the pet or the boxing glove brawler card then get them while you can!

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