Holy healing log help/advice on areas to improve.

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Hi there.

I ran a normal NH last night with my guild and some pugs. I am Flassh in the logs below. This is an alt that I am considering switching too as we are short of healers atm. Based on the fact that I dont have optimal gear for this toon and my AP is not at 35 yet, currently at 34 points, are there some simple steps I can make to get better?

I have done a fair bit of healing in LFR in this expansion and in WOD and like to think I have a good grasp on the class but not to the level of a main spec healer.

Gear wise, I have the DMT promises and will add it once I get enough blood to upgrade it fully. This should help mana management as I was sucking on fumes a good bit last night, which might be due to using too many FH and not enough PoM. 

Any advice would be apprectiated as it will help me decide if its worth switching mains at this time.

Thanks in advance for reading.



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Hello there! 


With your gear and AP in mind.. you could, as you mentioned, cast more PoMs and let Benediction work with Renews.

Before each pull, you should stack PoM on the tanks so you start with 20stacks (10 on each tank). (That's 20 potential Renews. (Can be more with the 'Say your Prayer' trait)). But obviously that depends on the encounter.

And it'll also buff your Hymn thanks to the 'Renew the Faith' trait. So it's worth to use it as much as possible =) Pref on CD!


A great tip, which I noticed you didn't do, is to bring Mana potions to the raid. Best would be Leytorrent Potion (240,000 Mana) but Ancient Mana Potion works too. (160,000 Mana). Top logs consist of casting lots of PoH (1-3) with the 'Power of the Naaru' during burst phases (Krosus Slam for example)... And let your Mastery do some work. However, it can be really mana intense if you just blindly throw them out. One way to save mana is to cast lesser Flash Heals and cast Heal instead (if you need to cast something)...and ofc trust your Mastery.



There's obviously going to be some more Flash Heals than some other groups since you do not have a Holy Paladin on the Tanks.


Hope it helped!







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