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DH Tanking Heroic Spellblade Alluriel

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So, i've been having some problems on Heroic Spellblade Alluriel while tanking her as a Demon Hunter (I believe Death Knights should have the same problem).

At each Anihilate I pool in 5 Soul Frags and pop Soul Barrier. At every second Anihilate i'm actively tanking, I pop Fiery Brand and Metamorphosis when available. Demon Spikes are used on every Anihilate too. But the thing is, i always feel that i'm taking monstrous amounts of damage from the second anihilate, especially when compared to Druids and Paladins. I don't think it's an ilvl issue, since i am 894 Equipped, with 15% Versatility, and 54 Traits on weapon, so i'm kinda lost in this one, any help from fellow Demon Hunters? Blood DK Experience would be nice too.

Second Problem, sometimes my guildies complain that they are being attacked by some ice adds that i can't pull due to they spawning out of my range. Should i move and risk the other tank taking solo anihilate, or should they just spawn these adds near the boss for an easier cleave and handling of that ice floor shit?

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Hello Arkmenhah,

I am main Vengence and i ve never had this problem. First of all i want to say one thing. DH is based on self-healing and we are pretty low on mitigations compared to Druids and other tanks. I main tank as DH 901 eq right now and i raid this boss since Nighthold open. Its kinda tricky fight but if you tank boss in right position should be easy to prevent most of damage. Try to focus on your mastery and versa. I have like 18% versa and 25% mastery (depends on trinkets and gear what i choose for fight). Also i play progress with Last Resort and not barrier. Its lot better (if you die and they ress you. It reset and you can die one more time and you will be saved by Last Resort again). Also i am using simple rotation for this fight. As you said is good to stack 5 souls and eat them before anihilation. Use spikes and Fiery brand of 2 stacks (for one stack cuz you dont have cd i use Fel Devastation to heal as much dmg as i get during anihilation. Its kinda tricky fight and DH is squishy tank so you will get more damage then others, but if you have like 6M hp like me you should be ok and have more then 50% hp.


Ice adds are big problem. I always check on DBM for next anihi so i know where i can go to them and when i dont. They in most of cases spawns just few sec after anihi so you have enough time to get them to boss.. Also is good to use throw claive to get aggro on them.

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I can't give you an answer what you should do as DH, you should aks these questions in the DH Forum. I can just give some general advice.

In that fight, you're not the best tank, that's true. Every mitigation tank will be less spiky. But healer should know that fact and just give you a bit more love during anihilate (you can give some warnings before it takes place and order a external if necessary).

Regarding adds: Offtank can grab them up and bring them to tank-position. Usually there is enough time, you don't have to stand next to your tank-mate outside of anihilate. So run to the center and wait for spawn (year, you will do nothing elese then waiting). The better you can manage the timer, the later you have to run to then center. If you have rogues or hunters...it should be clear what they have to do :-).

Ah and on heroic: druid, pala and warrior can absolutely handle a 1 stack anihilate at his own. I didn't try to handle a 2 stack at my own yet.

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