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HELP: low dps (druid balance)

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I need to figure out how to solve a very simple problem: my DPS.
Although I have the legendary helm, and my current gear has (presumably) the right stats (haste, mastery, crit ...), despite I’m trying to maintain the correct rotation (perhaps committing some mistakes here and there, but nothing terrible), my DPS is always (VERY) below average (considering my item level).
In my group there’s another moonkin with an item level similar to mine but without the legendary helmet, which makes 100k more than me. Even in helter-skelter fights…
I cannot understand what I'm doing wrong or if there’s something I’m missing with my current setup…

This is my armory:

I have the last raid log... (normal mode, which we always do on Wednesdays, for farming):


(note: the moonkin without helm is named Tartunkiller, while Mishamick has both BiS legendaries and a strongest and powerful gear)

Can you help me?

Thank you

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my DPS is always (VERY) below average (considering my item level)

no it isn't.

Your overall %ilevel is 68, meaning you are actually above average, not far below.

Now it seems you have skilled mates with best in slots which make a nice combo when it comes to ranking. They rank up to 97% ilevel on some fights.

The best thing to do is to ask them for insights and compare your logs to theirs. I noticed your CPM is lower than their, this could be a lead.

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gear-wise I think you overdid it with haste, there should be no need to go over 11500 rating.
Both trinkets are kinda bad compared to NH drops, you should try to get a Whispers in the Dark / Erratic Metronome / Fury of the Burning sky (AoE) and replace your stick and plaguehive.

Also, the satyr neck enchant is no longer the best one for balance druid in nighthold, according to gebuz Mark of the claw and mark of the trained soldier will be performing better overall. Satyr remains the best for single target tho.
You're also missing a 200 int gem in one of your sockets, it's min-maxing but if you got the money, go ahead and buy one.

About the fights, I've only checked Trilliax and Skorpyron, don't have time for every single fight.


You casted 22 moonfire and sunfire, while using Nature Balance. This should not happen, if you cast enough SW and LS your dots should almost never be refreshed. If you are over refreshing cause you didn't pool enough AP before moving, you should fix that by looking at your dbm timers. Try to be around 100 AP 3 seconds before Annihilation.
This applies to most bosses, manage your AP to get better results in fights where you move a lot.
Try to practice your surgeweaving on the training dummies, if you're not sure about how it works, check it on youtube.
Also, your incarnation was cast only once on pull, you forgot the second one after 3 minutes (and the potion that goes with it).


Same as Trilliax, you did cast only one celestial alignment, and the fight lasted for 3+ minutes. Since you used the first one on pull, you should've used the second one right off cooldown.
Not enough FM/HM/NM casts, you should have 1 more of each.
Too many starsurges, you should only cast SS on the first part of the fight, and then only starfall until the end.
In this fight an AoE trinket would've made some difference, try to get one asap.

Since we are both italian, feel free to send me a pm and we can meet on discord if you need more help.


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