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Hi Korsain, 

I am by no means an expert, you can and will receive better advice than mine, however here is what I have for you:

A second legendary item equipped would be a pretty good stat increase and help with Damage & DPS. Ensure that you have the Order Resource Purchased Ability from your class hall to equip a second Legendary and keep up World Quest & Content farming for one. 

Your Log points out some notable things. What is your DPS target? You are reaching some respectable numbers 434K DPS  is your average across all bosses with a peak of 522k dps on .  Doom up-time is not as high as it should be (target for doom is 100% or as close as you can get), indicating some tweaking to that would be beneficial. Also your pets are not doing the damage I expected.

I would review the max number of demons you can have out during combat: For Example: If you start with a Felguard, then cast Grimore Felguard, and Summon Doomguard, then empower for your start, spam your demonbolt (x5) to get shards, then cast HOG, another demonbolt (x1) for shards, cast Call Dreadstalkers, empower, and then Thal'Kiels Consumption (TKC), you are using Eleven (11) demons to fuel your TKC. Plus you will get lots and lots of damage from your pet Felguard. I don't see the pet damage from your regular pet on your logs, are you using one? 

While I have not completed as many raids as you have, and my ilvl is not as high as yours, I have run quite a few mythic + 5 man content, and use a hybrid of CLEAVE / AOE most of the time. I think you are missing a lot of damage by not having a Felguard out when you start combat.

I suspect the mods will respond soon, and perhaps would be critical of what I have posted, but use at your own risk and YMMV.

Good Luck Man.  


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