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LF: Experienced PVP Warlock Advice.

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*Affliction Lock - Orc, ilevel 885, 38 artifact traits*

1600-1700 2's rating: with a Resto Shaman

1800+ 3's rating: with a Resto Shaman/DH

Pets: Fel Hunter (Permanent) then: Inferno stun / Fel hunter


My question is how do you play with your lock in 2's vs 3's strategy?


(1). Do you just outlast and wait for dampening? spread pressure, UA+Drain when you can, and try and outlast with:


Talents: Writhe / Absolute / Howl / Siphon / Demon / Service / Phantom ?


Honor Talents: Relentless / Mind Quickness / Tongues or Weakness / Nether / Deaths Embrace / Amplify ?


(2). OR do you try to set up burst windows? with some what spread pressure    (its hard to get dots on both healer/dps) but CC chain the healer and burst with UA + Drain on the DPS for a kill window? with:


Talents: MG / Absolute / Howl / Siphone / Demon / Service / Phantom?


Honor Talents: Relentless / Mind Quickness / Tongues or Weakness / Nether / Deaths Embrace / Amplify ?


For 3's I do the (1) for the spread pressure since its hard for the healer to maintain, but for 2's I keep trying (1) and (2), I just cant seem to find the right way to climb in 2's


Any advice on talents/honor talents or play style for Affliction in 2's or 3's? or anything you try with your healers? I'm open for suggestions and talent changes


thank you.

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