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Heroic Gul' Dan Problems

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Hey guys.

I am coming to you guys for help as we have now had around 3-4 nights on HC gul' dan and the closest we have gotten to a kill is 4%.

Phase 1 and 2
is fine and we usually get through without any deaths.

Phase 3
is where problems comes. We have starten to get the fire under control and tank him near the edge. 
We have assigned 4 healers + 1 ranged to soak first souls and rest of the ranged for next soul.
We hero on second eye, meaning that after the first storm of the destroyer we run back with gul' dan and pops hero and burn down the eye.
Problem happens on 3 soul well. It seems hard to soak that soul well? 

So do any of you have some tips and tricks for this phase? We have spread out the healing cds for the harvests while having more cds for the later ones.

Might be worth mentioning we are around 18 man 4 healers and 2 tanks with rest being DPS and melee and ranged being split around equally

Best regards

logs for one of the nights: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/z1CqmYrdMPT2yGWw#view=analytical&fight=14

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First of all.. best option is hero on 3rd eye.. I explain you why: First and second eye comes before Soul Harvester. They are easy to kill cuz there is big chance to have only 1-2 ppl dead.. you just burn them and soak souls as fast as possible before Harvester and Storm. Your problem is... 3rd eye comes before STORM not Harvester and Harvester comes just after STORM so you need to soak souls before STORM. So you need hero here to burn eye as soon as possible to have enough time to soak souls.. Also i think... Assign ppl to soak isnt best option. In my guild we all soak as much as we can handle (i am tank.. i can as DH just jump to middle and soak souls and jump back to tank to reset him and again back to middle if its needed, every DPS should handle 2+ stacks) Also I think you dont have enough healing here becouze your healers are low. Best option for me is 2/5/15. Also I see in logs  Fel Scythe  ability. Your healer died on this ability. Its really stupid he should never get this. It means bad positioning of tanks or you just need to learn never stand on tanks.


You wiped on non-soaked souls or not enough heal to heal raid and use big healing CD during harvester. 

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