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Difficulty in New Content (Enhancement)

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Good morning all,

I skipped a Pandaria and Draenar and came back for the latest Expansion.  I raided as Resto and used Enhancement for questing / grinding etc.  I decided to boost the shaman and get rolling through the new zones as Enhancement and pick up my Resto gear once at max level.  I made it through the Artifact Weapon line fairly easily then went and looked (here) for a leveling spec / rotation and made my way to Azsura.  What I found there was a little frustrating.  I found that I can solo single mobs there but have to drink / eat after every pull.  If I get 2 mobs at a time I die rather quickly even with healing mid fight etc.  I am not too proud to say that I am rusty and it isn't user error, but I would love to know if it is just me or if the boost gear really is that poor of quality that it's going to make it extremely difficult until I get some quest gear under my belt.  


I appreciate any guidance you all are willing to impart.  Here is my fancy profile etc.  http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/galakrond/Dishisan/simple


Thanks in advance,


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The boost gear is fine. Enhancement is squishy to begin with, and the only way to get around that is to hit max level and then get enough gear to kill the mobs faster than they can kill you. At the stage in the game where I'm at, I one-shot a lot of WQ mobs and can solo elite WQ bosses by dropping all my cooldowns and bursting them down. There are things you can do though. Here are my tips:

- Don't use Windsong and FoA for leveling up. Use Boulderfist and Crashing Storm. One of your best survival tools is being able to use Healing Surge as an instant cast, but it uses Maelstrom, and FoA makes it hard to use.

- The other utility talents you have are great for dungeons, but Rainfall and Earthgrab Totem are extra useful if you're having trouble out in the world with survivability.

- Legion healing potions are expensive because they can be Obliterated, but Healing Tonics are cheap as dirt.

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