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Restoration Shaman Analysis

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Hello fellow Shamans,

I'm Corey I currently play very casually (due to work, real life etc.) with a group of individuals on Moonguard US (we do not RP haha). My healing performance is always near the top of the HPS meters but I feel like I could be getting more out of my healing. I took a couple screenshots from Warcraft Logs to look at a little bit of my performance.

For example I took a screenshot of our Heroic Chromatic Anomaly fight. I felt I did great throughout the fight but the logs told a far different story as you can see from the screenshot, fairly underwhelming performance on my part. If you take a look at my Armory for my talents, stat. makeup etc. can you find where I can possibly improve my performance?

Thanks shammy bros!

Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/moon-guard/Kóri/simple

Links to images:


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Dont give too much about healing rankings - in comparison to dps the amount of hps is limited - if your raid takes extremely high damage due to willingly (or unwillingly) ignoring boss mechanics, or you play with a healer less you get a chance to reach hps that would never be possible otherwise. My guild likes to let CA cast his overload as long as we healers can hold it out, with BL on his first phase. Im going max AoE heal build(Deluge/CB/HT) just for this boss, just for this mechanic and im able to pull out ridicoulous amounts of healing that i could never get otherwise. It looks amazing in the rankings but has nothing to do with actual skill.

If your raid doesnt die due to insufficient healing while playing mechanics correctly, hps dont matter.

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