Demon Blade vs Demon Appetite.

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Hi guys, I have a couple of questions I hope someone can help me with with my Havoc Demon Hunter.

I'm not sure from a dps point of view which one of these 2 is the better option.

The Icy Veins guide saids Demon Blades but to me Demon Appetite is a better option.

Choosing Demon Appetite means I get to keep Demon Bite which I can use as a dps filler plus more importantly it can trigger Fellblade again.

I find if I choose Demon Blade I can at times have nothing to use except auto attack as I'am waiting on cooldowns to run down before I can use those attacks again.

And thats the thing I can virtually have nothing to use for 4 seconds so thats where keeping Demon Bite seems a better bet.

Having said that I'm not sure if using auto attack with a 60% chance of additional damage from Demon Blade is better dps than the Demon Appetite/Demon Bite option.

The other part to this is I have the Nightbloom Frond trinket which again boosts auto attacks with recursive strikes.

So that paired with Demon Blade gives my auto attacks a good amount of dps.

But is it more dps than using Demon Appetite/Demon Bite with the reset for Fellblade?

Thats what I need help with so any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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It's very unlikely that Demon Appetite does better than Demon Blades.

I think you're overestimating Demonbite. At least with somewhat decent gear, you shouldn't ever be in need of another filler - Throw Glaive and Fel Rush are your fillers in the 222X311 build, and once you get the 4-set you won't even be able to keep them on cooldown/recharge all the time because you have so much fury to spend. Also, Demonblades triggers/resets Felblade aswell. Whenever a tooltip refers to Demonbite, the same goes for Demonblades.

During downtimes, use TG and FR. Always make sure you don't overcap, dump fury if you have to. Waste no Felblade cast.

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