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Affliction Warlock need help with DPS

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Hi guys i really need help with my dps. i'm ilvl 890 equipped and i can't seem to break past 350k dps.  i'm always dead last at the meters no matter if i use destro or affliction. i was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how to up my dps. What am i doing wrong? is it my rotation? or a gear problem? i just started seriously raiding with my lock again after quitting during WOTLK so i'm very lost right now.

Attached below is my log for Affliction at H Krosus


Attached below is my log for Destro at H Spellblade


And this is my armory


Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated this is getting really frustrating lol

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You logged out in destro so I can't look at your Aff gear - looking at your log though it looks like you have REALLY bad gear for Aff. You're at literally half the amount of mastery that you should be aiming to have at that ilvl. Without that extra 6 or 7,000 mastery you really won't be able to get much out of Aff. With your current stats, your only real options are Destro or Demo.

That said, your other issue is that you're playing Aff badly. 

This shows your Drain Soul, UA, and Reap. The goal of Aff is to have two phases, a burn phase and a maintaining/building phase. Maintaining/building phase is just keeping DoTs up, DS spam, and don't die. Burn phase starts when you have two+ Soul Shards AND two+ stacks of Reap - once you have both you refresh DoTs, cast UA twice, Reap, and DS spam for the duration of the UAs.

Your log is showing that you 1) had horrid usage of Reap 2) Rarely cast UA twice while Draining, normally only casting it once 3) often cut off your DS before the full duration of UA.

These are all core issues that need fixing, but no amount of fixing it will solve your DPS problem totally. Your mastery level is just too low to get good effect out of Aff spec.

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thanks so much for the reply will try to work on what you said. so fix my rotations and add 6 or 7k more mastery thanks. Do you have any advice for destro?


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