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Resto Mythic+ Help

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Hey there! I need your help. I usually run mythic+ dungeons and came with some questions. I constantly try two different setup of items: "108% mastery, 26% crit , 7% haste or 133% mastery, 17% crit, 10% haste. All this without buffs. Setbonus: two pieces. So, my questions are:
The first question: is there any point to use 4 pieces of our set in mythic+ ?
The second question: what is the optimal number of stats percent for a comfortable healing in mythic+15 and above (I feel the same difficulties in heal with the first, and with the second setup of items)? My problem can be described as follows: I believe that the number of my outgoing healing is not enough. And I need MORE! 

My build is: 1,1,1,1,3,3,1. 54 lvl of artifact on board.

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To the first question: Yes.

Especially on volcanic weeks you need to move a lot, and HS is not only instant cast but keeps healing for a while so you can drop one as little safetynet whenever your group has high hp but unexpectet bursts might come(or this week with skittish). The other point is that it gives you acess to a pretty spammable 10% dmg reduction (for 10 sec) which is always good in high myths. With your build you already generate lots of tidal wave (6sec cd reduction per riptide). I'd just reccomend making a weakaura to monitor current charges and remaining CD if you dont already have that.

To the second question: Depends on the mods.

(But i generally like to run at minimum 8-9% haste for better emergency througput)

With skittish you definitely need a good amount of haste due to the fact that you will need heal melees asap when they get aggro. They will drop low so I like that you have lots of mastery with it even tho i personally like to run with higher critt stats. It depends on luck what build is better, since mine (97%m 27%cr 11%h for volcano/skittish) will critt 79% with surge while yours critts with 69%(unless you have relics for that). If YOU get the critt you will heal up to 18,2% more ( 233/197 on 1% life), but i can get the critt more reliable, healing at least 64% more than you if i get it and you dont (192*2/233).  [233 cause 100 base healing +133 increased]

The big problem with optimal is, that it not only depends on how the damage comes in due to mods, but also to your tanks and dps's playstyle, if they are willing to drop heavy aoe as melee on skittish when mobs are not stunned. (And if they are willing to kite as soon as they have aggro). Knowing your teams playstyle and communiacting makes it a lot easier, but if you play with randoms expect the greediest playstyle. Next thing: experience helps, cause you can prepare for the unexpected to happen and react faster. Eg: The highest dps will most likely have the aggro as soon as the tank looses it (unless that person ueses aggro reduce skills or damage on the mobs is distributed unevely)

Also: Spirit Link totem is best used on "interesting" trash pulls or the above mentioned melees with aggro on a whole pack. Dont hesitate to dop it.


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