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Shadow Priest DPS Gear, Legendaries, and Best in Slot (Legion 7.1.5)

page contains no information at all about Legendaries 9 and 10. In fact you say the first item is the "second best" but nowhere indicate what is the best one.

Also, there is no section at all for "Best in Slot" there. I kind of rely on IV over other sites, and I've seen incomplete info not just on priests but other classes too in this category.

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This does need to be updated, you're right - on some classes, we simply don't have a BiS due to the nature of BiS in WoW currently. We can provide a list of the best items that drop specifically in Nighthold Mythic, but even then, WF M+ can easily overtake it from a huge number of sources.

I'll poke Furty and try to get the legendary text updated. 

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